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Canon Printer Support

We provide services regarding setup instructions including the latest driver software download and installation, troubleshooting and basic functionalities for a wide variety of Canon printers. We provide an extended support to resolve the printer issues occurred due to failure in Operating system, system crash and software failures. Also, we provide information on cross platform support such as connecting the printer to Windows,Mac and smart phones and the necessary updates. The solutions provided by our team are simple and easy to understand. You can further clarify your doubts by connecting to our customer care support by dialling the Toll-free number 1-888-224-4280 or refer the User manual.

canon printer support


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Cross Platform support


To find whether your printer is compatible with Mac Operating system, check the list of printers that supports Mac OS and download the desired driver software and install it. To know how to connect your printer to the Mac OS, click the ‘View More’ option.


Canon printer supports a large number of Windows Operating System versions. Choose the appropriate driver software that suits your printer and install it. To know how to establish connection between the printer and Windows OS, click the ‘View More’ option.

Smart phone

Canon printer has an application that help users to access the printer from an android device. With the help of this application, it is easy to print or scan from the smart phone or tablet. Click on the ‘View More’ link to get the instructions to print a document or photo.

Canon Printer Windows Update

Windows 10

  • The Windows 10 driver update automatically downloads and installs all the updates for all devices. The driver update for the printer alone is installed either manually or automatically.
  • Manually update the Canon printer drivers : Access the Control Panel and enter the Device Manager sub-menu. The drivers that need to be updated are indicated with an yellow mark.
  • Now, right click on the device and select the Update Driver Software option. In the pop-up window, select ‘Browse my computer for driver software’. Click on the downloaded driver update file and the update installation starts.
  • Automatically update the Canon printer drivers : Download and run the driver update file for Windows 10. The problems are automatically checked and a pop-up appears.
  • Now, click the “Update Driver” option in the pop-up that is next to your Canon printer driver model. Or, select the “Update drivers” option at the bottom that will automatically update all the outdated drivers.
Canon Printer Windows Update

Windows 8/8.1

  • There are two ways for updating the Canon printer device drivers : Automatic update and Manual update Automatic update is always recommended since it is fast, efficient and eliminates all the guesswork whereas manual update takes more time.
  • Automatic update of Canon printer drivers : Download the utility software of Canon printer driver for Windows 8/8.1 Operating system. Run the utility software that automatically checks for the problem in drivers.
  • Now, click the “Update Driver” option that is next to your Canon printer driver model. Or, select the “Update drivers” option that will automatically update all the outdated drivers.
  • Manual update: Disconnect and reconnect your printer from the computer. Browse and download the driver update that suits your printer. Install the driver update.
  • More or less the procedure for updating the drivers for Windows 10 and Windows 8/8.1 is the same. But the options may vary due to the OS version.

Pick your Canon Printer


Pixma MG Series

The Pixma MG series delivers hassle-free, versatile and superior quality printing. To know about the printer, click View More.


Pixma MX Series

The Pixma MX series has high performance suitable for both business & personal use.For printer features, click View More.


Pixma MP Series

The Pixma MP series gives consumers the great compact at a great value. To know more about the printer, click View More.


Pixma IP Series

The Pixma IP series is the most suitable printer for mobile printing. It is cheap and easy to use. Click on View More for more.


Pixma TR Series

The Pixma TR series is a home-office printer and is known for its high efficiency. Click View More for the printer features.


Pixma G Series

The Pixma G series offers basic and compact design with good printing quality. Click View More for the printer functionality.


Pixma PRO Series

The Canon Pixma PRO series printers possess a technology for professionals obsessed with beautiful prints. Tap View More to know more about the printer.


Pixma IX Series

The Pixma IX series offers single function printing solution suitable for both home and home office use. Click View More to learn about the printer.


Pixma TS Series

The Canon Pixma TS series delivers vibrant and high-resolution images. The Wireless option makes it more easy to use with smart phones.


Pixma MG Series

The Canon Pixma MG series offers hassle-free non-stop and superior quality printing. To know about the printer features, click on the View More link.

First time Printer Setup

  • The access points, feature an automatic option named “WPS”. This allows the printers to connect to your network quickly and easily without entering a password.
  • WPS connection : The access point must possess a physical WPS push button. The network must be using the WPA or WPA2 security protocol.
  • Press and hold the Wi-Fi option on top of the printer until the indication flashes once and then release it. Once turned on, the printer will automatically connect to the network.
  • Standard Connection : Insert the CD that came along with your printer and run the setup. If the “CD-ROM Setup” does not run automatically, reinsert the CD-ROM again, open it and double-click the file.
  • If you do not have the CD that came with the product, download the manuals and software. Select Access Point Connection as the wireless LAN connection method. The Setup Installation Guide will now start.

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Quick Support

Canon Printer File Sharing Setup

In order to perform the file sharing, your printer and the computer must be connected to the same network. The user has to be logged in as an administrator to perform this option. After logging in, specify the recipient address in the Control panel. Set the FTP server. For scanned documents, the send files function of the device must be entered.

File Sharing Setup
  • After installing the printer driver, create a new shared folder in a drive. Right-click on the folder and enable file sharing by selecting the ‘Share this folder’ option. Set the shared folder with specific access restriction.
  • Set the access permission to ‘Everyone’ in the properties submenu in order to provide access to the printer. Now, select the ‘Full Control’ box so that the data is scanned and stored on the computer. Start sharing the files.
  • For Mac OS, the server version must be 2.2.8a or later. Enable file sharing & create a new shared folder to which the files are to be sent. Provide access permission by enabling the ‘write access’ option for the user.

Print Speed Optimization

  • Font Selection : Selecting the printer-based font or the resident font optimizes the speed of the printer as they are scalable and reliable. Enable the ‘Substitute Best Matching Printer Font’ which automatically analyzes the matching font.
  • Bar-code Rendering : To optimize print speed, the documents can be sent in the form of bar-code and the printer automatically converts and prints the bar-code data into readable document. This method saves time also.
  • Image Sizing and Resolution : To increase the performance of the printer, minimize large graphic designs by replacing them with simple graphic designs to print. Higher the resolution, more the process of the printer.
  • Printer Storage : Save the settings as ‘Allow Static Objects’ as it allows the printer to store your design that does not contain data changes. Similarly, the ‘Allow Static Graphics’ option applies to graphics that are not downloaded to the printer.
  • Caching : Caching : Cache memory is the temporary memory of the printer that stores the printed items and graphics. Enable caching by selecting the ‘Allow Graphic Caching’ option on the performance sub-menu.

Print Quality Help

  • Adjust the printing speed to the highest point as it reduces the colour saturation. This option is located in the ‘Speed adjustment’ control menu. Set the maximum resolution in both the printer and the application used to print.
  • Turn Off the printer when not in use and wait till the light goes off. This helps the printer to move the cartridges to a covered position. Try not to remove the cartridges unnecessarily unless you want to change them.
  • Use printer covers that perfectly suits your printer. This protects the printer heads from dust and unwanted particles. Always safeguard the nozzles on the print heads. Frequently, check the printer heads for any damages.
  • Use printing papers recommended by the manufacturer to avoid colour saturation. Repeat the head cleaning operation regularly. Execute the ‘head alignment’ as it corrects the installation positions and reduces deviated colours.
  • Perform hardware and software upgrades. The software must be up-to date in order to avoid failures in the printer. If possible, expand the RAM of the printer that results in increased performance and better printing quality.

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