Canon PIXMA G2400 Printer

canon pixma g2400 printer


The Canon Pixma G2400 is an Inkjet Multifunction printer that offers versatile design for your print, copy and scanning needs. It is a multi-function high yield document and photo printer. It is capable of printing 4X6 borderless photos in 60 seconds approximately. It offers high volume cost-effective printing. It is highly versatile and perfect for use within the home, home office, and small business environments. It suits for any user who requires to print both work documents and photos.

  • Supports Borderless printing.
  • Reliable components for high volume printing.
  • Scanner resolution is 600 x 1200 dpi.
  • Supports high-speed USB.
  • Offers creative printing.


Driver Download

To download and install the best driver and software for your Canon Pixma G2400 printer, tap the provided link on this page. This link directs you directly to the page where the printer driver and software is available. While getting a driver and software for your printer, be aware of choosing the compatible one for it. Installing a wrong or corrupt driver and software for your device can create lots of problems on your device. Getting the driver from this website can protect you from all these problems. From the available list of printer drivers and software in this website, select the compatible one for your device and download it quickly. Once the printer driver and software is downloaded, install it on your device by following the on-screen prompts. For any assistance on downloading the printer driver and software, call the tech support number and get our experts help.

Driver Download

The latest driver for your Canon Pixma G2400 printer is available on this website. Tap the given link and get the updated driver downloaded for your printer. While the driver starts downloading, it displays certain prompts on the screen. After completing all the prompts, the driver downloads on your computer. Open the downloaded file on your device to install it. For any help on downloading the printer driver, give us a call at the Toll-Free number provided on this page.

Manual Download

To set up your Canon Pixma G2400 printer and to troubleshoot the issues arising on your device, the manual is essentially required. The manual is shipped along with the device in the printer’s cardboard box. If the manual is unavailable, then get it downloaded on your device from this website. Here, the latest and the updated manual for your device is available. Tap the manual download link and download the best manual for your printer. For any help on downloading the manual call our Tollfree.

Pixma Error Code

  • If any issue arises on your Canon Pixma G2400 printer, an error code will be automatically generated on the control panel screen of your device. The error number will be generated on the screen of your computer. The error can be easily recognized when the Alarm lamp on your printer flashes orange.
  • In many cases, both the Alarm lamp and the On lamp begins to flash alternatively when some errors occur on your printer. If your printer’s screen generates 1003 error code, then it indicates that the issue is related to media and that the paper does not feed on your device.
  • If this problem arised on your Canon Pixma G2400 printer, reload the media in your device, and then choose the Black or Color button on it to troubleshoot the occurred issue. When the media is being loaded on your device, insert the stack till it touches the front tray of your printer.
  • If your screen generates the 1300 error code, it means that the media is jammed in the paper output slot of your printer. To troubleshoot the issue occurred on your printer, first clear the jammed media from your device. Also, do not tear the paper while removing it from the printer.
  • After inserting the media in your printer, press the Black or Color button on it. While the issue is getting resolved, if the device turns off suddenly, all the print jobs in the queue get completely cancelled. The entire print jobs needs to be reprinted again. For any help on troubleshooting the issues on your Canon Pixma G2400 printer, give us a call at the provided Toll-Free number.

How to Print

  • First, prepare the paper. The edges of the paper should be aligned. If the media is curled, then try to flatten it. Without aligning the edges, if you load the paper, it might result in paper jams.
  • If the media is curled, hold the corners of the paper and gently bend them in the opposite direction. Doing this makes the paper completely flat. Next, try to load paper.
  • Open the paper support and gently pull out the paper output tray and the output tray extension in your printer. Then slide the paper guide to the left. With the print side facing you, load the paper against the far right of the rear tray.
  • To align it with the paper stack, slide the paper guide. Remember, the paper guide shouldn’t be slided very hard against the paper. The media might not be fed properly.
  • To print the document on your Canon Pixma G2400 printer, open the printer driver setup window. Choose the layout. Choose Normal-size, Scaled, Page layout, or Fit-to-Page from the Page Layout list.
  • Specify the side to be stapled and the set the margin width. If required, tap Specify Margin and set the margin width. Then tap Ok on the Page Setup tab and the document gets print.

Borderless Printing

  • To print borderless photos, first open the printer driver setup window. Then set the borderless printing. On the Page Setup tab, tap the Borderless Printing in the Page Layout.
  • When the confirmation message displays on the screen, tap on the Ok option. When a message displays to change the media type, choose the media type from the list and tap on Ok.
  • Next, check the paper size and check the Page Size list. Select another page size from the list if you want to change. The list includes only the sizes that might be used for borderless printing.
  • On the paper, try to adjust the amount of extension. If required, use the Amount of Extension slider to adjust the amount of extension.
  • Moving the slider to the right makes the amount larger. moving the slider to the left makes the amount smaller. From the right, set the slider at the second position.
  • The back side of the paper may become smudged if you set the slider at the rightmost position. Complete the setup and click OK. On the paper, without any margins, the data will be printed.

Ink catridge and Installation

canon pixma g2400 ink catridge
  • Genuine and compatible ink cartridges are recommended for your printer to obtain quality printouts. Pull the paper output tray. Then open the paper output cover. Lift the Ink cartridge lock lever. Remove the ink cartridges out from the package. Pull out the protective tape from it.
  • If the tape is not removed from top of it, the ink cartridge issues might occur on your printer. Power on your printer after you press the power button. Insert the ink cartridges one by one in their slots and ensure they are properly placed. After inserting, check if the black ink cartridge is placed into right slot and the color ink cartridge is placed in the left slot.
  • If the ink cartridges are not correctly placed, then remove and reinstall them again. Lift the ink cartridge lock lever in your printer. Repeat the same process for installing the other ink cartridges also and then close the paper output cover.
  • Wait until the screen of your device displays the message cartridge installed. Be cautious as the screen might turn off if the printer is kept idle for more than 5 minutes. Press any button except the ON button on the control panel screen of your printer to reset the display.

Canon Printer Troubleshooting

Any type of issue that occurs on your Canon Pixma G2400 can be easily resolved with the simple solutions available on this website. Find the solutions for all the commonly occurring issues, below this page. Using these instructions, resolve the issue occurred on your printer. Also, use the manual instructions to troubleshoot the problem on your device. If the printer’s problem is still unresolved, then get our experts support through the Toll-Free number. The Toll-Free number is available below.


When the network communication is being set up, if your Canon Pixma G2400 printer is unavailable on the network, then before you attempt to locate the printer, the network settings should be confirmed. If your printer is not detected during the Wireless LAN setup, the settings of the access point should be checked completely. Then the DHCP function, MAC address filtering, or IP address filtering should be verified completely.


When another computer issues a large print job for your Canon Pixma G2400 printer, the printing speed of the device might get slow after printing continuously. When this issue arises on your device, first check if the radio status is good. When the radio status is monitored with the IJ network tool, the installation positions should be adjusted. See if there is any obstacle between the access point and your printer. No source of interference should be there in the vicinity.


After the access point is replaced in your Canon Pixma G2400 printer, do a network setup for your device. Check whether the settings of the access point are correctly set. Also, check if there is proper communication between your computer and the access point. If the Mac address filtering or IP address filtering is performed at the access point, then check if the IP address or Mac address for both the printer and computer are registered.


Check if the power plug in your device is securely plugged in. Power on your Canon Pixma G2400 printer and find if there is enough charge on your device. Also, check the connection established between your computer and printer. Check if it is proper or not. The access point mode in your printer should be enabled. If the print jobs are performed from the computer device, check if there are any unnecessary print jobs. If there then delete them all. The printer’s name should be chosen in the print dialog.


The alarm lamp on your Canon Pixma G2400 printer begins to flash when the media gets jammed in your device. The computer’s screen immediately pops up an error message. Try troubleshooting the jammed media in your device. Once the paper that is jammed in your device is cleared, then the error message will automatically disappear. If the error message persists, dial the tech support number to avail our experts support.


When this error occurs on your Canon Pixma G2400 printer, first check if the media is loaded properly. Also, check whether the media that is loaded in your printer is compatible with your device. The media that is about to be loaded in your printer shouldn’t be curled or thick. In the rear tray of your printer, check if there are any foreign objects. Also, check if the media that is inserted in your printer is compatible with the media type and the paper size settings of your device.

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