Canon PIXMA IP110 Printer


The Canon Pixma IP110 printer is designed in small size with high performance. It perfectly suits for the students and the mobile professionals. It supports cloud printing. In a less time, it is capable of creating the professional looking documents. It produces picture perfect photos. It comes with Pixma Printing Solutions app and access point mode.

  • Supports Apple AirPrint.
  • Supports Google Cloud Print.
  • 9600 (horizontal)*1 x 2400 (vertical) dpi printing resolution.
  • Supports borderless printing.
  • Supports AC 100 – 240V, 50 / 60Hz Power.
  • Supports bordered printing.
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Driver Download

For your Canon Pixma IP110 printer, you can get the latest version driver from this website. The driver download link is available here, click on the link and get the latest driver downloaded on your device. Open the file after completing the driver download on your device. You will be prompted with the set of instructions on the screen. To complete the driver installation on your printer all the instructions that appear on the screen should be followed. To install the driver for your device, you can also use the CD that came with your Canon Pixma IP110 printer. Follow the instructions that appear on the screen after you insert the CD into the drive. Finally, get the driver installed quickly for your printer. Give us a call at the Toll-Free number if need help regarding the software driver installation setup.

Driver Download

You can easily get the best printer driver from here if you need the driver for your Canon Pixma IP110 printer. On this website, all the available drivers for your printer is available. Select the driver for your printer after you click on the displayed link. By doing the prompts that appear on the screen install it on your device after the driver download gets complete. Contact us if you want any assistance.


On this website, you can get the manual guide for your Canon Pixma IP110 printer. You can use the instructions given in the manual to operate your printer. With these instructions, you can easily setup your printer. The simple instructions are included in this manual that is available on this website. All your issues can be easily resolved. The manual download link for your printer is given here. Click the link and get the manual downloaded on your device.

First time Printer Setup

  • Open the printer’s cardboard box and take the Canon Pixma IP110 printer out from it. After taking it out, choose a place to keep it. Remove all the packing materials, stickers, and tapes stuck on your printer.
  • After removing place them aside for recycling and then set the control panel preferences on your printer. Once done with setting the preferences, tap on Yes to confirm the choice that you made on your printer’s screen.
  • Take sufficient amount of plain paper and try to insert it into the paper tray. After loading the paper tray with enough paper, close the paper tray to its position back.
  • Then install the ink tanks in your printer. Use the ink tanks that came with your printer. Make sure the ink tanks are properly inserted in their slots. After installing, close the ink tank door.
  • Check if the door is properly locked, or else error message gets display on your printer’s screen. Finally, download and install the printer driver and software on your device.

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Ink Cartridge / toner setup

Ensure that your printer is kept on before you install the ink tank in your printer. In your printer, open the front cover. On your printer, you have to open the operation panel and the paper output tray. Take the new ink tank out from the ink tank package after opening it. On the ink tank, you will find an orange tape. It is attached to the ink tank. Try to remove it completely. Remove the protective film that is there on the ink tank. Hold the ink tank where the orange protective cap points upwards. Remeber, the Y-shape air hole should not be blocked.

Canon ink refill

While installing the ink tanks in your printer, be sure to use only the genuine ink tanks in order to avoid the problems with your printer.

  • Lift up the tab on the orange protective cap and then remove it.
  • Then try to install the ink tank’s front end into the print head.
  • After installing, confirm that it is placed correctly in its slot.
  • Press on the top of the ink tank. Then close the operation panel gently.

Pixma Error Code

  • On the control panel screen of your printer, it automatically generates an error code when your Canon Pixma IP110 printer encounters with an error. The error number gets display on your computer screen. When the Alarm lamp flashes orange you can recognize the error.
  • To indicate some errors with your printer, the On lamp, and the Alarm lamp flashes alternatively in certain cases. On your printer’s control panel screen, if the 1003 error code is shown then it means that the paper does not feed.
  • Reinsert the paper if your printer has encountered this issue. Then tap on the printer’s Black or Color button to get your issue resolved. Till the leading edge touches the front tray, insert the paper stack while you are loading the paper.
  • If the 1300 error code gets generate on your screen, it indicates that the paper is jammed in the paper output slot. To clear the generated error code, pull the paper out from your printer. While removing, be careful not to tear it.
  • Press the printer’s Black or Color button after reloading the paper. When you are resolving the issue if your device gets powered off, then it results in canceling of all the print jobs in the queue. You need to reprint everything again. Contact our technical team if you need any assistance.

Canon Printer Troubleshooting

For all the commonly occurring issues on your Canon Pixma printer, the simple solutions are given below. Simple instructions are provided on this page to troubleshoot the issues. Make use of these instructions or use the manual instructions to get the issue resolved on your printer. If suppose you are unable to clear the issues on your printer, then get our technical support. Our experts will help you to troubleshoot the problem. To contact our technical team, call us at the Toll-Free number.


When setting up the network communication if the printer could not be detected on the network, then before redetecting the printer, try to confirm the network settings. If the printer is unable to detect during the Wireless LAN setup, then try to check the settings of the access point. You need to check the IP address filtering, MAC address filtering, or DHCP function.


This issue might occur when the printer prints out a large number of jobs issued from another computer. Also, make sure the radio status is good. While monitoring the radio status with IJ network tool, try to adjust the installation positions. Ensure there is no obstacle between the printer and the access point. Ensure there is no source of interference in your vicinity.


Perform the network setup of the printer again when you replace an access point. Make sure the access point settings are properly set and ensure that the computer and the access point can communicate with each other. Ensure that the Mac address or IP address for both the computer and the printer are registered if you are performing Mac address filtering or IP address filtering at the access point.


Make sure the power plug is securely plugged in. Turn on the printer and make sure the battery is completely charged. Then make sure the printer is properly connected to your computer. Check if the access point mode is enabled. If you are printing from a computer device, then delete all the unnecessary print jobs in it. In the print dialog, ensure that your printer’s name is selected.


When the paper is jammed in your printer, the alarm lamp flashes immediately. The computer screen automatically generates a troubleshooting message. Try to clear the jammed media in your device. After clearing the jammed paper, check if the issue on your device is resolved.


First, make sure that the paper is properly loaded. Before loading the paper into your printer, check if the media is compatible with the printer. Check whether the paper you are printing on is not very thick or curled. Ensure there are no foreign objects present inside the rear tray. Ensure that the media type and the paper size settings are compatible with the loaded paper.

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