Canon PIXMA IP1700 Printer

Pixma ip1700


Print beautiful, long-lasting photos with borderless edges up to 8.5″x 11″. The printer is user-friendly that meets all your printing needs. Easily print and share digital photos at home. The Canon Pixma IP 1700 printer is simple to use and looks great on your desk.

  • Borderless photo printing
  • Windows and Mac Compatibility
  • Black & white print speed up to 22ppm
  • Color print speed up to 17 ppm
  • Advanced print head technology
  • High-resolution photos


Driver Download

A compatible driver allows the computer to communicate with a hardware device such as a printer. If the drivers are outdated, the devices you connect to the computer might not work properly. Update the drivers regularly so that the Canon IP1700 printer has the latest security patches, fixes and functionality available. Updating the drivers might help to protect your OS from numerous issues. The hardware and devices function well. Update the drivers when installing the OS again using DVD/CD or when you face any issues related to the network. If you do not have the current version of the driver, download it from this website.

Driver Download

To download the printer driver for your OS, go to the Downloads folder on the system. Look for the folder where the driver downloaded and search for the driver file. Double-click on the .exe file on the Windows PC and the .dmg file on your Mac PC and follow the on-screen guidelines to complete the installation.


The user manual includes the guidelines to print. Read the precautions, legal limitations on how to use the Canon printer and maintain the printer in good condition. The safety precautions in the manual might help you to use the printer efficiently. Click on the icon given below to download the manual for the Canon Pixma IP1700 printer.

First time Printer Setup

Open the box, take the Canon IP1700 printer out of the box and place it on a flat surface. Remove the unwanted tape and packing materials from the printer and the front cover. Connect one end of the power cord to the printer’s posterior end and the other to an electrical outlet. Press the power button to turn on the Canon IP1700 printer and set the preferences such as Country/Region and Time and date. Select OK, remove the new ink cartridge and insert it into the slot. Tap a stack of plain, white paper on an even surface and insert paper with the print side facing down. Do not overfill the tray and once the loading process completes, check if you have the driver software CD that came in the box to download the printer driver software. Follow the prompts that appear to complete the installation.

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Ink Cartridge / toner setup

Do not touch the print head nozzles or electrical contacts on the cartridge as the Canon Pixma IP1700 printer may not print properly. Once you insert the ink cartridge, do not remove it from the Canon IP 1700 printer and keep it outside for a long time as it may completely dry out soon. Check if the Canon printer is turned on and open the paper output tray. Lift the front cover of the printer to insert the cartridge. Check if there is an object on the cartridge slot or the tray as it may cause the Canon printer to malfunction. It might also lead to issues such as paper jam.

Canon-pixma IP1700 ink catridge Installation

Carefully pull the protective tape from the new ink cartridge. Do not shake the cartridge too much as the ink may start leaking and spread to the surrounding areas. Handle the ink cartridge carefully and place it into the corresponding slot.

  • Place the color ink cartridge in the left and the black cartridge in the right slot.
  • Close the front cover and ensure that it is closed correctly.
  • Make sure the cartridge is placed properly.
  • Use the genuine cartridges that came with the Canon printer.

Pixma Error Code

  • If the Support Code 1000 appears on the PC, it indicates that the Canon printer is out of paper or paper does not feed properly. Mount paper in the rear tray of the printer and align the paper guides to rest against the edges of the paper.
  • If the Support Code 1300 appears on the PC, it indicates that the paper is jammed in the rear tray or paper output slot. Carefully discard the jammed paper from the paper output slot and the rear tray of the Canon printer. Power on the printer if you are unable to discard the paper.
  • If a paper jams during printing and you have to turn off the printer to discard it, press the Stop button before turning off the printer. Carefully discard the paper from inside the printer and make sure you do not tear if you are unable to remove it.
  • Load the paper, press the Color or Black button on the Canon Pixma IP1700 printer so that the printer starts printing once again. Print the page again and when mounting the paper, ensure that you use suitable paper and load it correctly.
  • If the Support Code 1470 displays on the computer, it indicates that the cartridge is installed incorrectly. Raise the front cover and to check if the cartridges are installed properly. Discard the protective tape from the ink cartridge.

Canon Printer Troubleshooting

You need not immediately resort to return the printer or take it to an electronics repair facility if it does not print properly or turn on. Perform the basic troubleshooting steps such as resetting the printer, checking if there are any loose connections and unplugging the power cables. There are many solutions to get back the printer in operating condition. The guidelines to fix the common issues when using the Canon Pixma IP1700 printer are given below.

Cannot find Canon printer on Check Printer Settings Screen

If you cannot find the Canon printer on the Check Printer Settings screen, check the network settings and try again. To set up network connection using the USB cable, select Set up the network connection via USB check box and click Next.

Does Not Print

Make sure the power cord is properly connected, press the ON button and wait until the light stops flashing. After verifying that the USB cable is properly connected to the printer, delete any unnecessary print jobs. Check if you have selected the name of the printer in the Print dialog box.

Paper Does Not Feed Properly

Check if the tray is loaded with paper. When you insert more sheets of paper, remember that the paper stack should be within the paper load limit. The paper should neither be curled nor too thick. Check if the paper size settings and the media type are correct.

Print Results Not Satisfactory

Check the paper and print quality settings if the printed document is not clear. The page size and media type settings should be appropriate to the size and type of the loaded paper. If the settings are incorrect, you cannot obtain the desired print quality.

Ink Is Not Ejected

If the cartridge is low or out of ink, replace it immediately. If you do not insert the cartridge properly, the ink may not eject. Remove, insert the cartridges again and print the Nozzle Check Pattern. This to determine if the ink ejects properly from the printhead nozzles.

Paper Is Jammed inside the Printer

Before you turn off the Canon printer, press the Stop button to cancel print jobs. This is to discard the jammed paper during printing. Move the holder to the right edge or the left edge if you view any jammed paper inside the cartridge holder.

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