Canon PIXMA MG2520 Printer



The Pixma MG2520 is a stylish, compact and an all-in-one ink-jet printer. The printer has a small built-up body. It is easily portable. The MG2520 is reliable printer that suits well for your home and office. The printer utilizes the SMALL PRINT chief technology. The maximum output color resolution is 4800 * 600dpi. The hybrid ink system delivers vibrant images and sharp documents.

  • Portable.
  • No wireless.
  • Affordable cost.
  • No Fax support.
  • Silent printing.
  • No display.


Driver Download

Connect the printer and the computer using a USB cable. Wait few minutes. The system makes itself compatible to work with the printer. Power On the printer. Install the driver installation CD in the system’s drive. Open the disc. Run the setup file. If the installation disc is not available, follow the steps below. Click the ‘Driver Download’ tab in this site. Type the printer model in the search box. Choose the driver file that is compatible with your system’s Operating system. Download and save the file. Go to the file location. If the downloaded file is in .ZIP format, extract the original files. Double-click the setup file. Follow the onscreen instructions to finish the setup. Agree to the Terms & Conditions in the final page. The installation will be completed.

Driver Download

Refer to the User Manual. Make sure that the driver is compatible with your currently installed Windows Operating system. Download the appropriate driver software from this website. You can also download the additional software like Scan Energy and My Image Garden for the printer.

Driver Download

Refer to the User Guide provided on this website. Download the driver that is consistent with your Mac version of the Operating system. Ensure to download the latest available version of the driver file. You can contact our tech support for supplement information using the Toll-Free number.

Printer Function

Printer Function

How to Print

Choose a document to print.Open the file. Go to the ‘File’ menu on the top-left corner of the screen. Select the ‘Print’ option from the menu. The printer now starts printing the document.

How to Copy

Place the document on the glass pane. Press the ‘Color’ button for color documents and ‘Black’ button for black and white documents. Set the no. of copies by repeatedly pressing the button.

How to Scan

Position the document on the flat-bed scanner. Open the IJ Scan Utility tool in the system. Under the Settings tab, customize the document as per your requirements. Click ‘Scan’.

canon pixma mg2520 ink cartridge

The Pixma MG2520 is equipped with the hybrid ink system. This system allows the printer to deliver sharp and brilliant output quality. The printer has one black & one color ink tanks. The printer operates on the Small Print Chief technology.

  • If any of the either two color runs out, replace both the colors.
  • Follow our user guide to perform the ink refill operation.
  • Use the cartridge that is adaptable with the printer.
  • Produce multiple printing test copies.

canon pixma mg2520 ink refill

The ink cartridges have an electronic counter that reduces the count with every print. If this counter decreases to zero, the printer displays an error message. Remove the ink cartridge. Refer to our manual for step-by-step instructions to remove the cartridge.

  • Examine the ink tank. If it is not empty, re-install the cartridge.
  • Obtain the ink refill materials from an online store.
  • Take the syringe-needle. Draw the desired ink from the bottle.
  • Locate the outlet at the tank’s rear side. Seal the outlet with a tape.
  • Drill a hole in the middle. Insert the needle into the hole.
  • Squeeze the ink into the reservoir. Reinsert the ink tank.

Pixma Error Code

  • When the MG2520 builds an error, a message is displayed in the computer screen. The alarm light and the ON lamp in the printer flashes rapidly if an error occurs. The error is displayed with an error code or support code.
  • The support code 1000 denotes that the paper tray is empty. Reload the paper tray. The error code 1203 indicates that the lid is not closed during printing process. Make sure to not open any lid or panels during the process.
  • When the paper jam problem takes place, the error code 1300 is displayed. Switch Off the printer. Open the rear panel. Locate the jammed paper. Remove the paper without tearing it. Do not touch the strips that are internally wired.
  • The codes 1687, 1401, 1403 & 1485 represent the improper installation of the ink cartridge. Turn Off the printer. Open the lid. Position the cartridge with reference to our user manual. Close the lid. Run a printing test.
  • The ink absorber absorbs the overflowing ink. The error codes 1701 shows that the ink absorber is full. Locate the ink absorber under the cartridge. Take the absorber out. Wash with warm water or replace with a new one.

Canon Printer Troubleshooting

The general issues in the Pixma MG2520 are – frequent paper jams, automatic alignment and relocation of papers, damaged paper trays, driver download and installation issues, inappropriate usage the ink cartridge, dull printing quality, USB connection problem, unable to power on the printer, malfunction of the scanning process and auto-restart of the printer. You can troubleshoot the issues on your own by following the user guide. Or, contact our tech support by dialing the Toll-Free number.

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  • Establish a strong and reliable USB connection. Examine the USB cable for any physical damages. Do not fold or carve the wires. Keep the printer powered down when not in use. Always cover the printer to prevent dust and debris.
  • If the print quality is dull – Remove the panel. Check the ink cartridge. If it is dry, replace it with a new cartridge. Align the cartridge properly by referring the instruction book. Do not let open the panel.
  • When paper gets jammed – The papers usually get stuck in the roller. Lift the paper tray. Remove the rear panel. Locate the jammed paper. Take the paper out slowly. Do not tear or rip the paper.
  • Papers not detected by the printer – Reload the paper tray. Use papers of appropriate size and quality. Do not load the printer with folded or torn papers. You can refer the guide book for a detailed explanation about the papers.
  • When the printing process resumes or stops in the middle – examine the paper tray. If the paper has run out, load the paper. If the document or image contain multiple graphic illustrations, the printer may halt temporarily.
  • Update the driver software for the printer. Open the Device Manager. Click the Printers menu. Locate the installed printer driver. Right-click the file. Select Update drivers from the drop-down menu.

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  • When the printer suddenly stops during the scanning process – Restart the device that is connected with the printer. Go to the scanner settings page. Decrease the output resolution and continue scanning. Go through the manual.
  • Kill all the temporary residual files. Free up some space in the drive, in which, the scanner folder is created. Do not change the folder’s location during the scanning operation. Once, if the files are deleted, they can’t be reverted.
  • When the printer does not function after the Windows upgrade – Open the Control Panel. Enter into the Programs menu. Select the installed driver software. Right-click. Click Uninstall from the drop-down menu.
  • Disable the connection. Go to the ‘Program files’ folder, located in the default drive. Locate the source files of the driver file. Permanently delete all the files. Re-insert the USB cable. Enable the connection.
  • Repeat the USB setup method. Let the system download the drivers automatically. Or, download the drivers manually. Download the latest version of the driver software. Assure that the driver is compatible with your installed Operating system.
  • Under the Printers menu, locate the ‘IJ Scan Utility’. Right-click the tool. Select Uninstall. Likewise, uninstall the MP drivers. Refer to the guide to download and re-install the utility tool and MP drivers.

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