Canon PIXMA MG3220 Printer

pixma mg3220


Canon Pixma MG3220 printer prints excellent quality printouts and is available in compact size. Easily print and scan the documents using the built-in Wi-Fi technology. It prints data from any location. Connect the Apple devices to the printer to print with the help of the built-in AirPrint . Use the Borderless printing option to print without trimming the edges of the photo.

  • Auto Duplex Printing.
  • Auto Sheet Feeder.
  • Auto Scan Mode.
  • Wireless Scanning.
  • Flatbed Scanner.
  • Enable Quiet Mode.


Driver Download

A driver is necessary for a printer and system to function normally. It acts as a communication bridge between both devices. Install the printer driver and software in the system using. One method is to use the software installation CD and the other one is to download the driver from this website. Prior to installing , examine if the system is turned on and is compatible with the printer model and operating system’s version. During the driver installation, maintain a stable Internet connection to download the driver automatically.

Driver Download

Prior to installing the driver in a system, examine the operating system’s version and printer model. If it is compatible, install the driver in the system. Download it from this website. Click the link given below. Download the driver based on the installed operating system and install it based on instructions mentioned on the screen.

Manual Download

Manual for the Canon Pixma MG3220 driver is available in both soft copy and hard copy. Avail the hard copy while purchasing the printer. It contains all details regarding the setup, configure and issues of the printer. If you have lost the manual, click the link below to download the manual.

Wireless connection Setup

Wireless Connection

WPS Connection

Wi-Fi Protected Setup is also referred as WPS. The method used is Push button. Examine if the access point has a WPS Push button. Turn on the printer. Press and hold the button for a while to establish the connection.

Network settings

To check if the printer is connected properly to a wireless network and try to print a network settings report. Press and hold the Resume or Cancel button for a while and release it to print the network information page.


Restoring the network settings to its default settings is done by pressing and holding the Resume/Cancel button for a while. Wait till the light flashes 17 times. Release the button. This restores to its default settings.

How do I print from my Apple device to my PIXMA printer?

  • AirPrint allows you to print photos, emails, Web pages and documents from the Apple device without installing a specific driver. For this feature, use Apple devices running in the latest OS version.
  • Examine if the printer and Apple device is connected to the same wireless connection. If yes, turn on the system and connect it to the network. On the app of the Apple device, touch the Operation tab.
  • It displays the menu options under the tab. Select the Print option from the menu. Choose the printer model from Printer Options. Select and click on it.
  • If the app does not support AirPrint feature, Printer Options is not displayed. Choose the number of copies you intend to print. Activate the Duplex printing option if available. Select the File type.
  • Touch the Print option. It prints based on the specified settings. Get the printed copy of the photo or document on the output tray. If there is an issue regarding the printing process, call our toll-free number.

Get Instant Support for Quick installtion

For quick Canon Printer installation options, call our customer support at the number mentioned below.

    Call Toll Free:1-888-224-4280

Ink catridge and Installation

pixma mg 3220 Ink catridge Installation
  • It is suggested to use genuine and compatible ink cartridges for obtaining quality printouts. Pull the Paper Output tray and Paper Output cover. Pull the Ink cartridge Lock lever. Take the ink cartridge out of the package. Remove the protective tape on it.
  • If you do not remove the tape on top of it, it leads to ink cartridge issues. Press the Power button to turn on the printer. Install the ink cartridge into its slot until it clicks. Insert the black and color cartridge into right and left side of the slot respectively.
  • If the cartridges are not installed properly, uninstall and re-install it again. Raise the Ink cartridge Lock lever. Redo the same steps for other cartridges . Close the Paper output cover.
  • Wait for at least 20 seconds till the screen displays a message cartridge installed. Keep a note that the screen turns off if the printer is not in use more than for 5 minutes. To reset the display, press any button(other than On button) on the control panel of the printer.

Pixma Error Code

  • When there is an issue with the printer, the Alarm light flashes and an error code display on the control panel .In certain cases, the Alarm and On light flashes alternatively. Examine the error code and solve the issue with an appropriate solution.
  • Error code 1003 indicates the paper feed or out of paper issue. To solve the issue, reinsert the paper into the input tray and press the Black or Color button. Push the paper until it stops. Ensure that the edge touches the end of the input tray.
  • When an error code 1687 displays on the control panel, it implies that the cartridge is not installed properly. Uninstall and reinstall the ink cartridges. Wipe the dust or debris on the printhead using a clean cloth .
  • The error code 1310 displayed on the printer’s control panel indicates incompatible paper insertion into the Automatic Document Feeder. Use compatible papers for obtaining quality printouts. Refer to the user manual to know the compatible one.
  • The 1688 Error code indicates that the ink has ran out. It is necessary to replace it with a new one. While replacing, ensure that the cartridges are compatible with the printer model. Prior to installing, clean the printhead using a clean and damp cloth.

Canon Printer Troubleshooting

The main issues with the Canon Pixma MG3220 printer are the paper jam, scanning fails, improper alignment of papers, inappropriate installation of cartridges, low print quality, auto restart occurs without any user commands, etc. All these issues are rectified with the help of the troubleshooting steps. Unable to solve the issue manually, call our toll-free number to solve it. Our technical team is adept at solving the printer related issues.


  • Check the ink cartridge system. If cartridges are running out of ink, replace it with a new one. Low-ink level cartridges lead to dull printing. Avoid this issue by replacing the cartridges.
  • The printer connected to a wireless network connection should have maximum signal strength during printing. Move the printer and system close to each other. Keep metal object away from the router.
  • Align the papers in the input tray using the paper-width guides. Ensure that you do bend the edges of the paper. Wrinkled or curled papers cause the paper jam issue. Avoid using them.
  • Do not turn off the system during the printing process. Ensure that the cables are not bent. Unplug the power supply when the printer is not in use.Damaged or fauly cables should be replaced with a new one
  • Enable the Prevention of Data loss option under the Page Setup option. This reduces the data loss on the edges of the paper. The drawback is that it reduces the print quality.
  • Updating the printer driver fixes bugs and avails all latest features in the printer. Under the Device Manager, right-click on the printer’s name and click Update Driver.


  • When the printer stops scanning in the middle, restart the printer. Turn off the printer for a while. Press the Power button to turn it on again. Change the resolution of the scan settings.
  • Delete the temporary or not-in-use files from the scanner folder. This frees up the memory and increases the scanning speed. During scanning, do not change the file name of the scanned document.
  • Error displays after updating to Windows 10-uninstall and reinstall the driver software. Unplug the power cable from the printer. Uninstall the driver and restart it to fix the issue.
  • Uninstall the MP drivers and IJ Scanning Utility by selecting the Uninstall option. An updated version of the driver has installed automatically. A Manual update can also be done by visiting this website.
  • Issues occur when sending the files as an email attachment. Disable the Automatic Attach option and manually add the attachments and send it to the recipient’s mail address.
  • Activate the Status Monitor feature. This monitors the status of the printer and provides notification to the system. If the issue persists, call our tech support team at the toll-free number.

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