Canon PIXMA MG5550 Printer


The Canon Pixma MG5550 is a multi-task printer that print, scan, and copy all in one printer. Maximum 100 paper is loaded in the front tray. The scanner approximately speeds up to 14 seconds. Canon’s PIXMA Printing Solutions app allows you to print and scan from your smart device and the cloud services. The app helps to check printer status, user manual or ink levels. The 6.2 cm LCD screen displays the clear selected function on the printer.

  • Five individual ink.
  • Auto Duplex Print.
  • Auto Power ON.
  • Optional high yield inks.
  • Support Apple AirPrint.
  • Saves money on ink.
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Driver Download

Most of the printer comes together with a CD-ROM to install the driver. Insert the CD into the computer disc. It takes few minutes to load and the installation screen opens automatically. If not press windows key + E opens my computer. Double-click on the CD/DVD icon. For Window operating system open .exe file and for mac select .dmg file format. After the screen opens proceed with the on-screen instructions to complete the printer driver installation. Switch ON the printer after installing the driver, connect it to the computer via USB cable or Ethernet connection. To add printers open the printer settings on your device and follow the instructions. If CD is not available download the driver from our website.

Driver Download

It is essential for the printers to install their corresponding drivers that support your computer. The printer driver establishes the connectivity between your printer and the computer. It transmits the data that is readable to the printer. To install the driver click on the box below download and install the printer driver for your printer.


The Printers manual provide information about the specifications and features of the printer, scanner, and copy. Troubleshooting tips in the manual help the user to solve the issue without depending on the customer care. To know more in detail about the PIXMA MG5550 printer click on the box below to download the manual.

Wireless connection Setup

Wireless Connection

WPS Connection

Wi-Fi Protected Setup is a wireless network that connects the router and your computer. WPS works with the push button rather than the password. To know more in detail about the WPS and its connectivity click on the view more box.

Network settings

The Canon PIXMA MG5550 is a wireless connection. The network settings differ for both Windows and Mac operating system. Click on the view more box and follow the steps instructed in the standard connection methods for Windows and Mac.


Accidentally changed the settings and your printer does not work then restoring the printer is the appropriate solution. Click on the view more box to know more about the restore printer and the steps involved to restore the printer.

Google Printsetup Guide

  • To register your printer in the Google Cloud Print have an active Google account. Connect your printer to a network and follow the steps as per instructed below.
  • Press the printer ON/OFF button. In the printer’s display screen press the Home button. Press the arrow key to display web service in the display. Select Web Service and press OK.
  • On the printer’s display screen follow the instructions to register your printer. A message displays Register this printer with Google Cloud Print? select Yes and press OK.
  • Select the language of your choice and press OK. To print the authentication page select OK. In the printed paper unique URL is mentioned for your printer.
  • Copy and paste the URL into the address bar of the browser and log into the Google account with your e-mail address and password to complete the registration.

How do I print from my Apple device

  • The Canon Pixma MG5550 printer supports AirPrint Application. Switch ON the printer. Connect the printer and your Apple device to the same network.
  • Select the photo to print. Click share button the square with an arrow facing upward. The menu option displays, click Print icon.
  • Select the PIXMA MG5550 from the list of printers. Choose the number of copy to print. Activate double side printing by sliding ON/OFF button to print both sides of the paper.
  • Load the paper in the input tray and click Print. To print multiple pages, click Range and select All Pages or select the range of pages to print.
  • If any issue occurs, check the network connection in the printer and the Apple device and print. Another method is to download the canon print app from the Apple store and start printing.

Get Instant Support for Quick installtion

For an immediate printer installation, call to our customer care at the below Toll-free number.

    Call Toll Free:1-888-224-4280

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Ink catridge and Installation

Ink catridge installation
  • The PIXMA MG5550 prints with the five attractive ink tanks they are black PGBK, black BK, cyan, yellow, and magenta. The installation ink tank comes along with the printer. Switch ON the printer. First, open the scanning unit/cover.
  • Wait till the carriage settles down in its place and be idle. Unpack the ink tank from the cover. Take off the ink tank film that is left over on the Y-shaped air hole. Remove the orange cap totally from the ink tank.
  • Clear the protective film completely. Insert the front end of the ink tank on its respective slot by matching the label color and the letter. Press on the top of ink tank until the ink tank is fixed into its place.>/li>
  • Follow the above steps to install the other ink tank into your printer. The color of the installed ink tank appears on the screen. Check all the colors that appear on the screen are correct. Close the scanning unit/cover.

Pixma Error Code

  • When printer occurs an error, an error code and its message displays on the computer as well on the printers display screen. Check the respective message and solve the issue appropriately to print.
  • An error code 1000 displays on the screen, because there is no paper in the rear tray or paper is not placed properly. To resolve, open the rear tray remove the paper from the tray and place it again. Adjust the aper width guide and close the tray.
  • When the scanner unit is not closed an error code 1200 occurs with a message Scanning unit/cover is open. To solve this error close the Scanning unit/cover. If your printer shows 1401 error with a message print head may be damaged.
  • To resolve the above error switch off the printer and turn it ON. The 1600 error appears when there is not enough ink in your printer. Replace a new ink will solve this error. The 1890 error code occurs while inserting the ink tank with the orange tape.
  • To resolve it remove the orange tape before installing the ink tank into the printer. To know more in detail about the error code and its message refer the printer’s manual that is provided along with the printer.

Canon Printer Troubleshooting

If the printer is difficult to power ON, install ink tank, network connectivity problem, scanner issue and much more. Do not change or restore your printer at once and repair in the shop. First, follow the troubleshooting tips in the manual provided. Some of the issues can be solved without the help of the customer care. If still the problem continues, contact our customer support at the Toll-free number. Our technicians will help you to solve the issue quickly.


  • When printer remains idle for some time it automatically turns OFF. To disable the auto power off, right-click your printer name and click Properties.
  • The printer driver setup window opens. For Windows, in the Maintenance sheet, disable the Auto Power option. For Mac, open System Preferences and click Print & Scan.
  • From the list of printers select the printer name and click Options & Supplies. Select Open Printer utility and click Power Settings. Select Disable in the Auto Power option.
  • Paper jam is one of the frequent issue faced by most of the user. A light flashes on the printer and displays its error code and message if the paper is jammed.
  • To resolve this error, open the output tray and carefully remove the jammed paper from the printer. It is advised to load same paper type while loading more than two paper.
  • Occasionally, printing speed reduces due to the less wireless signal or printer is too far from the router. Before printing check the status of the monitor signal in the IJ Network Tool.


  • Occasionally, printer fails to connect to the Wireless LAN. Check whether the printer is turned ON and Wi-Fi light flashes on the printer.
  • If the Wi-Fi light does not flash, the wireless connection is disabled. To enable it press and hold the Wi-Fi button until the LED light flashes on the printer.
  • If the printer status monitor disables, from your document select File and click Print. The Print dialog box appears select your printer model and click Preferences.
  • The Printer driver setup window opens. Click View Printer Status in the maintenance sheet and select Enable Status Monitor in the Option menu.
  • Rarely print results to disappoint because of the misaligned lines, uneven colors and much more. Check the paper and print quality settings. Switch ON the printer and load the paper.
  • Open the printer driver setup window. Click Quick Setup in the Commonly Used Setting. In the Print Quality select the printing profile. Choose High, Standard, or draft and click OK.

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