Canon PIXMA MG5722 Printer

canon pixma MG 5722


The PIXMA MG5722 is an extraordinary Wireless Inkjet All-In-One printer with the best performance, smooth accessibility, and an outstanding quality. This MG5722 lets you to print perfect borderless photos and fresh documents up to 8.5”x11”. The PIXMA MG5722 is an ideal printer for tablet, smartphone, or cloud printing that allows printing from anywhere in the house with an additional feature of 2.5’ LCD screen.

  • Hybrid Ink System
  • Built-In Wireless.
  • Windows RT & Google Cloud Print.
  • ChromaLife100.
  • Five Individual Tank System.
  • Quick Borderless Photos.


Driver Download

Ensure that your computer and the Canon Machine is not connected. Download the software driver from our website. Log in to your system as Administrator and click Yes if Windows User Account Control prompt displays. Check the box Always trust software from Canon Industries, Ltd and click Install. When the download is finished you are ready to install the files. Select Open Folder and click the file you have downloaded in .Exe format. Save the files in the default location. Click Next to extract the downloaded files. Select the language you prefer and enter OK. Follow the on-screen installation process.

Driver Download

Download the printer driver from our website or click the driver button given below to get the latest version. Select Print option on the File menu to open the Print dialog box. Select your printer name canon PIXMA MG5722 and click Preferences from the displayed menu. Depending on the software, the printer driver setup window appears now.

Manual Download

The printer is delivered with a user manual in it. You can also download it from our website using the printer model PIXMA MG 5722. Instructions on product functions and software are provided in the PDF format as an online manual. You will find the filename as MG5722ser_OnlineManual_Win_EN_V01.pdf. Or simply click the button below to view a manual.

Wireless connection Setup

Wireless Connection

WPS Connection

Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) is an easy and protected establishment of a wireless network. There are two principal methods used in the WPS connection: PIN entry method and the Push Button Configuration method (PBC).

Network settings

Use the control panel to print the printer’s current network settings. This printout contains an important information about the network you are using. Handle it with an utmost care and this file is used for future reference.


You can restore the deleted pages using the Delete Page function in the printer. Open the function and click the View Deleted Pages check box from the Option menu. In the thumbnails, select your page and click, Restore Page.

Google Printsetup Guide

  • Your PIXMA MG5722 is compatible with Google Cloud Print. Using this application you can print from anywhere with services that support Google Cloud Print.
  • To print, you need to create an account and register your printer with Google Cloud Print first. In the web browser, search for Google Cloud Print on the computer and register.
  • Sign in to your Google account and select Manage option in Chrome. Choose your printer and click Add Printers. Tap OK to confirm your registration. To register from your printer by using Web Service setup option.
  • When you send a print job, the printer receives the data and prints by itself. You can print via the Internet using a LAN connection from your system or Web service inquiry from your printer.
  • You can also send print jobs without an Internet. Log in to your Google account and select Print option from the Chrome menu. Select Change and choose Destination. Click Local Destinations and Print.

How do I print from my Apple device

  • Your PIXMA MG5722 is AirPrint enabled machine where you can print from iOS devices. In Mac, add your printer to AirPrint from the Printer list. Print your job either by using wired or wireless LAN connection.
  • This AirPrint lets you print documents, photos or Web pages from iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac without installing the drivers or software. Make sure that all the devices run the latest version of iOS.
  • In your iOS device, select operation icon from applications and click Print from menu options. Click Printer Options and choose your printer name to add your printer to the list.
  • When printing multiple pages, select Range and click All Pages. Or else select the range of pages that you want to print. For printing a single copy click + or – to set the number of copies.
  • You can also enable Duplex Printing with your printer. Click On button near the Duplex Printing option and Click Off to disable the Duplex Printing feature. Now tap Print to perform print jobs.

Get Instant Support for Quick installtion

For quick Canon Printer installation options, call our customer support at the number mentioned below.

    Call Toll Free:1-888-224-4280

Ink catridge and Installation

canon pixma 5722 ink catridge
  • Make sure that the power button is turned On in your printer. Open the front cover and the operation panel until it stays still. Now open the paper output tray to remove the print head holder out gently. Do not keep the operation panel left open for more than 10 minutes.
  • Do not try to touch the buttons or LCD on the operation panel and the metallic parts or other parts of the printer. Take the new ink cartridge and remover the orange tape thoroughly. Now remove the protective tape fully with a very less pressure on it.
  • Hold in hand the ink cartridge with the orange protective cap facing upwards and make you do not block the Y-shape air hole. Lift the orange cap towards up and discard it gently. Handle it with care to avoid stains on clothes as well as in surroundings.
  • Install the front end of the ink cartridge and print head at a slant. Make sure you place the ink cartridges according to colors that match the label. Give a press on the top of the ink tank until it sits firmly in its place. Close the operation panel gently and press OK on the screen.

Pixma Error Code

  • An error code appears during printing. For instance, when the paper is out or jammed, you may get a troubleshooting message automatically on the computer screen or on the LCD of your printer. Take necessary action according to the message displayed on the screen.
  • The error code is nothing but an error number or support number. This error code displays in Windows as a description message. Whereas in Mac, it displays as print queue list mentioning the support code. Thus the screen display differs according to the OS.
  • Sometimes the support code and a message with description are displayed on the LCD screen. Perform necessary action immediately by following the message on the LCD. The error message appears for all kind of printer issues on the LCD screen.
  • To resolve your errors with support codes, refer List of Support Code for Error in your user manual came along with your printer search in our online manual. Or else refer Message Appears section in the same if you do not have support codes in your error message.

Canon Printer Troubleshooting

If you are facing trouble with your PIXMA MG5722 you need not have to take it to an electronics to repair. You can follow the instructions with our Canon printing software to perform troubleshooting steps on your own. This lets you get your printer back in good operating condition. The user manual that comes along with your printer will also give you an exact troubleshooting and easy solution. This makes you diagnose most of the printer’s problem and fix it with the world-class solutions. It is a real-time fix in a short period of time.


  • Sometimes your printer does not start or switched ON. Make sure your PIXMA MG5722 is plugged in on both the ends and switch ON the printer. It turns off when it is in idle.
  • While printing you may get paper jam error and the troubleshooting message appears. Remove the paper using both hands by following the instructions appear on the screen.
  • If your print quality is not satisfactory or appears blurred, check the settings of the print quality and the paper first. Second, check the ink status and replace it if needed.
  • While printing you may come across ‘no paper’ error. Open the tray and make sure that paper is loaded and check the quality of the paper. Or else clean the paper feed roller.
  • The problem may occur during an automatic duplex printing. Check whether the Duplex Printing is enabled in Windows or Mac. Make sure the size of the paper is correct.
  • One of the common error that causes while printing is, the printing jobs stops suddenly. Check whether the paper is loaded or overheat due to continuous printing. Wait till it cools.


  • The printer shuts off suddenly. Check your printer’s settings to disable the automatic off feature. Select Auto Power option from the driver setup window and disable Auto Power Off.
  • Certain time your printer may face USB connection problems such as ‘The device can perform faster’. Ensure the USB port of your computer supports Hi-speed USB connection.
  • Your computer may not detect your printer. To resolve this make sure that the printer is turned ON and the connections are perfect. Do not start or print when IJ Network Tool is running.
  • When the LCD is off, check whether the machine is turned ON. Examine the power cord is connected properly. When the lamp is ON, the LCD may be in screen-saver mode and press any button to wake.
  • The LCD of your printer shows the wrong language. Click HOME button and wait for at least 5 seconds. Select Device settings and tap OK button. Use arrow keys to select the language for LCD.
  • Sometimes the print head holder of your printer doesn’t move to the replacement position. Check whether the power lamp is off or an error is displayed and overheat. Wait and proceed.

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