Canon PIXMA MG6320 Printer


Canon Pixma MG6320 is a printer with superior quality and easy to use. Print and scan your documents and photos from the printer using the built-in wireless technology. Make your operations with the printer easy with the help of Canon’s Intelligent Touch System and 3.5-inch touchscreen. Uses 6 colors in the ink system for improving contrast, color management and obtain professional quality printouts.

  • Automatic Duplex printing
  • Borderless printing
  • Auto Scan mode
  • Mobile Printing
  • Google Cloud Print
  • Compatible with operating systems
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Driver Download

Canon Pixma printer is available with software installation CD at the time of purchasing. Based on the version of operating system, the file format varies. Place the CD on the system’s disc drive. Wait till the system reads the list of files of the CD. Select the setup file from the list. While installing, examine if the driver is compatible with the printer model and operating system version. Choose the mode of connection based on the printer’s specifications. Select the Custom option to avoid the download of unnecessary applications. If the installation fails, download the driver from this website.

Driver Download

Download the driver from this website. Click the link provided on this website. While downloading, maintain a stable internet connection to avoid the failure of the process. Locate the setup file in the system. Choose the .exe file for Windows system and .dmg file for Mac system. Click on it to begin the process. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the process.


Manual for the Canon Pixma MG6320 printer is available on this website. The manual includes all details regarding the setup, configuration and issues with the printer. Get the manual copy as hard copy and soft copy. The hard copy is available in the shipment box. Get the soft copy from this website. Click the link below.

Wireless connection Setup

Wireless Connection

WPS Connection

WPS connection uses two methods- PUSH method and PIN method. Press the PUSH button on the router to start the connection. For the PIN method, press the key on the control panel to start the connection process without any issue.

Network settings

Network settings contain the IP address, network name and connection status. Press and hold the Resume button on the printer’s control panel to print the network settings page from the Canon Pixma MG6320 printer.


Restoring the network connection to its default settings is done. Press and hold the Power and Refresh button at the same time to restore the settings. If any issue occurs, call our customer support team to fix it.

Google Printsetup Guide

  • Active Google account is necessary to enroll the printer’s name with the Google Cloud Print. There is a need for username and password to complete the setup.
  • Connect the printer to an Internet connection for using the Google Cloud Print service. Examine if the printer is turned on. Connect the printer and system to the same wireless network.
  • Press the Home button. Use the up and down arrows to navigate to the settings on the control panel. Choose Web Service Setup-> OK. On the Web Service connection setup, press OK.
  • On the Google Cloud Print setup, press OK. On the Register with Google Cloud Print, press OK. Examine if the printer’s name is displayed. If yes, the printer is already registered.
  • Choose the display language for the print settings for Google Cloud print and then press OK. Try to print out the authentication page . Examine if the plain sheets are printed.

How do I print from my Apple device

  • Use a local wireless LAN to print email, photos. web pages and other documents from your Apple devices. Make use of the built-in AirPrint app for printing. Examine if the printer supports this feature.
  • If the Apple device supports AirPrint feature, ensure that the mobile device and printer is connected to the same wireless network. Use the Bonjour to detect the printer’s name.
  • Switch on the printer and examine if it is connected to the wireless network. On the application of Apple device, tap Settings to display the menu options. On the drop-down list, select Print.
  • Choose the printer’s name from the list of available devices. Select + or – button to set the number of required copies. Activate the duplex printing option by clicking the On button.
  • At the time of printing option, a Print icon displays in the list of recently used applications. Examine it to check if there is any progress in the printing process. Cancel the print job by clicking the Cancel button

Get Instant Support for Quick installtion

For quick Canon Printer installation options, call our customer support at the number mentioned below.

    Call Toll Free:1-888-224-4280

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Ink catridge and Installation

Ink catridge installation
  • Open the front cover and cartridge locking cover of the printer. Take the new ink cartridge out of the printer’s packaging. Remove the protective tape from it. Do not touch the electrical contacts or print head nozzles on the cartridge. Issues occur while handling them improperly.
  • Press the Power button to turn on the printer. Wait till the carriage moves to the middle of the printer. Ensure that handling the fine Cartridge Holder to stop or moved forcibly stops in the middle leads to the issue. Clean the stain or dust on the printhead using a clean and damp cloth.
  • Install the new ink cartridge into its slot. Install a color and black ink cartridges in the left and right slot respectively. Close the ink cartridge lock cover and front cover to secure into its place. Press the cartridge until it clicks into place. Examine if the cartridge is securely installed.
  • If there is low ink in the cartridge, remove the fine cartridges. Do not leave the cartridge in open air for more than 30 minutes. Refilling the ink cartridges may lead to ink clogs and ink system failure. If you have any issues with the cartridges, call our toll-free number.

Pixma Error Code

  • When there is an error code on the printer’s control panel, an alarm lamp is lit orange. Check the error code displayed on the LED and use a suitable solution to solve the issue. Based on the error, the alarm light is not lit.
  • If the error code is E02, the issue is out of paper or paper does not feed. Reinsert the paper on the front tray and press the Black and Color button. Insert the paper stack till the leading edge touches the far end of the front tray.
  • If the error code is E03 displays on the printer’s control panel, paper jam issue occurs. Take the jammed paper out of the tray, an interior of the printer and duplex tray. Reinsert the paper properly in the machine. Press the Black or Color button.
  • If the error code is E04 displays on the control panel of the printer, it indicates that the cartridge is not installed properly. Examine if the cartridge is installed properly. If not, uninstall and re-install it properly to solve the cartridge issue.
  • If the error code is E06 displays on the printer’s control panel, paper output cover is open. Examine if the paper output cover is open. If yes, close the paper output cover. After completing the process, examine if the issue persists. If no, try to print.

Canon Printer Troubleshooting

If you have any issues with Canon printer such as printer not printing properly, faded prints or jammed papers in the interior of the printer, troubleshooting steps provided in the printer solves the issue. There are several troubleshooting methods followed to solve the issue. The indications in the Canon Pixma MG6320 printer ‘s display shows that the orange light is lit. Solve the issue based on the error code displayed on the printer. If you have any issues with the printer , call our customer support team to solve it.


  • Improper connection between the printer and system leads to the printing issues. Examine if the power cable is connected straight to the wall socket and is turned on.
  • Check if the paper settings match the information set of a cassette or rear tray. Remove the unwanted print jobs in print queue. Select the appropriate driver.
  • If the low ink level, replace it with a new one. Residues or debris on the printhead may lead to ink cartridge issues. Clean the excess ink with a damp cloth.
  • While the issue occurs at the time of feeding paper or wrinkled papers inserted into the input tray, remove the papers from the tray. Adjust the paper-width guides for an easy installation.
  • Ensure that the paper settings match to the inserted paper. Do not insert more papers into the input tray. If the print quality is not satisfied, clean them using a clean cloth.
  • Select the appropriate media type for printing. Check if the appropriate print quality is chosen. If there is an issue with the printing problems, call our toll-free number.


  • Check if the LAN settings are in working condition. Activate the settings under the LAN Settings. Move the printer and system close to the router to attain the better signal strength.
  • If there is no proper communication between the printer and the system, check if the wireless network is in proper working condition. Set the configurations between the printer and system.
  • When there is an issue while scanning or printing, restart the system, router and printer. Unplug the connection between the printer and system. Adjust the resolution of the document.
  • Remove the temporary files from the system. At the time of the scanning process, free up the memory in the drive. This scans up the document or folder very fast. Do not make modifications to the destination folder.
  • Upgrade the Windows 10 creates an issue with the scanning process. Uninstall and re-install the printer driver and software. Disconnect the power cable from the printer and uninstall the program.
  • Enable the Status Monitor feature. Examine the status of the printer. If there is any issue, it displays on the control panel of the printer. Solve the issue by calling our toll-free number.

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