Canon PIXMA MG5720 Printer


The Canon Pixma MG5720 printer is a Wireless Inkjet All-In-One printer that offers great performance and speed. This printer gives real convenience and remarkable quality. With this printer, you can print beautiful and borderless photos as well as crisp documents. Before you print, this allows to preview your images and you can easily navigate your printer.

  • Auto 2-sided Print.
  • Enabled with quiet mode.
  • Print borderless photos.
  • Print graphics quickly.
  • Supports fast photo printing.
  • Mobile Device Printing.
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Driver Download

The driver for the Canon Pixma MG5720 printer is very important in order to operate it easily. All the tasks on the printer can be performed in an easy way only when it is installed with a compatible driver. Installing an outdated or an incompatible driver for your printer will cause lots of issues to arise on your device. Be careful while getting a printer driver. The latest and updated driver for the Canon Pixma MG5720 is there on this website. The provided link will direct you to the driver download page. In the driver download page, you can choose the desired driver for your device and download it from there. Once the driver gets download, install it on your device. While installing, tap on .exe to save the file in Windows device and tap on .dmg to save the file in Mac device.

Driver Download

The best driver for the Canon Pixma printer is there on this website. Download and install the driver quickly from here without any trouble. Tap on the driver download link and get the updated driver installed on your device. You can also install the driver on your device using the CD that shipped along with your printer. After installing the printer driver, you can perform all the required tasks on your device.


The updated manual for the Canon Pixma MG5720 printer is available on our website. The displayed link for the manual will guide you in downloading the user guide for your device. Tap on the link and then download the manual. The manual available on our website includes all the important instructions about your printer from starting till the end. It also holds simple solutions for all the printer issues.

Wireless connection Setup

Wireless Connection

WPS Connection

Power on your printer and then press and hold the Wi-Fi button. Release it when the alarm indication flashes. On the access point, press WPS. Once the connection is established, it stops flashing and the light starts to glow.

Network settings

Switch on your printer and place an adequate amount of paper in it. Press the Resume button and hold it for some time and then release it. The network connection information page gets printed with the SSID and the type of connection.


Switch on the printer and press the Resume button and hold it for a while. Release it after it flashes 17 times. The settings of the network get reset back to factory default settings. The device operates as new and you cannot reverse this process.

Google Printsetup Guide

  • Initially, establish the LAN connection and then set up your printer to connect to the Google cloud print service. Press the Resume button for 15 times to get the print of network details.
  • Open the web browser on your device. Using the network details enter the IPv4 address of the printer. Immediately, the printer’s Remote User Interface appears. Tap on the Log In.
  • A warning message appears on the screen regarding the website and prompts that you still want to continue or not. If you want to proceed, then tap on the Continue button.
  • The user will be prompted to enter the administrative password which is otherwise known as printer’s serial number by default. After you type the password, tap on the Ok button.
  • A menu displays with a lot of options. Tap on Web service connection setup and click on Google Cloud Print Setup. Select Register with Google Cloud Print and choose Yes.
  • Type the details that are prompted and tap on Finish Registration. When the Power and Wi-Fi light stops to flash, the printer is setup and you can use it now.

How do I print from my Apple device

  • Your Apple device and the printer should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Open the Air Print and immediately it will recognize your printer connected to the iPhone or iPad.
  • In your device, open the Canon application and click on Operation icon. A menu appears. Click on Print in the menu. Choose your printer model in the printer options.
  • The options that are included in the printer options are Duplex Printing-printing on both sides, Range-printing multiple pages, and Copies-no.of copies. Based on the needs user can select the options.
  • Depending on the region, the Air Print chooses the format and size automatically. On the Printer icon, the progress of the printer should be checked.
  • To cancel the printing process, open the Print icon and tap on the Cancel Print option. If suppose your printer has a display, you can cancel the print job using the operation panel.
  • Ensure the Bonjour option is enabled. This is because the Bonjour lets the communication between the network-connected devices.

Get Instant Support for Quick installtion

For quick Canon Printer installation options, call our customer support at the number mentioned below.

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Ink catridge and Installation

Ink catridge installation
  • The print head nozzles or the electrical contacts on the ink cartridges should not be touched as the printer might not work properly. Do not attempt to remove the ink cartridge immediately after installing it to your printer. Remember not to leave the ink cartridge outside for a long time.
  • Make sure the printer is turned on and then open the output tray. Lift the scanner cover and with the Scanning unit support, keep it open. On the document cover, see if there is any object as it may fall into the Rear Tray which in turn causes the printer to malfunction.
  • After you take the new ink cartridge out of its package, the orange protective tape which is there on it must be pulled out of it. Shaking the ink cartridges might cause the ink to leak. Carefully, hold the ink cartridge and install it into the cartridge holder.
  • Take the color ink cartridge and insert it into the left slot. Take the black ink cartridge and place it in the right slot. After installing, close the ink cartridge access door and ensure it is closed properly. Set back the Scanning unit to its original position and close the Scanning unit.

Pixma Error Code

  • If your computer screen displays the support code 1000, it means that either the paper does not feed or the printer is out of paper. To resolve this issue with your device, when you are loading the paper in your printer, place it in the rear tray and then align the paper guides with both edges of the paper.
  • If suppose your computer displays the support code 1300, then it means that the paper is jammed in the rear tray or in the paper output slot. The jammed media needs to be removed from the rear tray and the paper output slot. If it is difficult to remove the paper, then try to turn on your printer.
  • In case the paper jam has occurred during printing, then the printer should be turned off to remove it. Before you turn off your printer, press the Stop button. While you are removing the jammed media, if it tears and you are unable to remove it, then try to eliminate it from inside the printer.
  • Once again insert the paper and press the Color or Black button on the printer in order to make it print again. If the print out didn’t come out well, then reprint the page. While you are again inserting the paper, ensure that the compatible media is loaded into it.
  • If your system shows the support code 1470 on the screen, it means that the ink cartridge is not properly installed. Lift up the scanner unit and then push the locking cover. This is done to check if the cartridges are properly installed or not. On the cartridge, the protective tape and the label should be removed.

Canon Printer Troubleshooting

If there are any problems occurring on your Canon Pixma printer, you can make use of the instructions available on this website to get your issues cleared quickly. You can even get our experts help in resolving the issues that are quite difficult to troubleshoot. The solutions for the most common issues arising on your printer is given below. Make use of them and get your problem resolved quickly. To get our experts help, call the Toll-Free number displayed on this page.


  • Ensure whether you have properly connected the power plug with your printer. After confirming that power on the printer. Until the ON lamp stops to flash, you should wait.
  • Your printer might not be properly connected to the computer. If you have connected a USB cable between your printer and computer, then check if the established connections are secure.
  • Avoid using a relay device like a USB hub. Have your printer directly connected to the computer and attempt to print again and see if the printing begins as usual. If it operates as usual, then the problem is with the relay device.
  • On your computer, if you find any unnecessary print jobs, erase them completely. In the print dialog box, select the model of your printer and then continue to the next step.
  • In order to set your printer as a default one, tap on the Set as Default Printer option. Once the printer port is configured, continue to next step.
  • On the Page Setup, choose the Print options. In the displayed dialog box, enable the Prevention of Print Data Loss and finally, restart your device.


  • In all the printers, the network communication problem is most common. Make sure whether the connection established between your printer and the computer is similar. In the Printer ports option, enable the Bidirectional support.
  • The drivers should be installed manually if the automatic installation doesn’t work. Using the CD-ROM, try to reinstall the MP drivers. You can also reinstall it from this website. Restart the computer after clearing the Trash.
  • ADP issue: Before you attempt to print, on the Page Setup sheet, ensure that the Automatic & Duplex Printing options are chosen. For duplex printing, insert the paper with suitable size that suits for duplexing.
  • To check the Printer Status, in the Print Status Monitor, tap on Enable Status Monitor on the menu. If your computer doesn’t display the recipient’s E-mail, then tap on the Attach Manually option.
  • If the image is jagged after you perform a scan, then increase the scanning resolution and tap on the PNG in the Data Format submenu. The Image Settings menu should be opened and the settings should be changed based on your requirements. Contact our tech support if the issue persists.

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