Canon PIXMA TR7540 Printer


The compact printer is capable to print, copy, scan and fax. Use the Canon PRINT app for effortless wireless printing. Print good quality color photos. The printer handles both plain and photo media with dual paper feeds. It includes a tilting operation panel with a 7.5cm color touchscreen and easy access buttons.

  • Supports two-sided printing
  • Supports Mac and Windows OS
  • Hi-Speed USB, wireless connections
  • Flatbed scanner type
  • Up to 20 sheets ADF
  • Mobile printing capability
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Driver Download

A driver is a software that the system uses to communicate with a hardware device such as a video card, sound card, printer etc. If the drivers are unavailable, the devices you connect to the PC do not work properly. Update drivers regularly so that the printer has the latest security patches, fixes and functionality available. Updating the drivers help to protect the system from issues. The hardware and devices also function properly. Update the drivers when you reinstall the system using DVD/CD or when issues related to the wireless network occurs. If you do not have a compatible or updated driver, download it from this website.

Driver Download

Select the icon below to download the driver for the printer. Go to the Downloads folder on the PC and search for the folder where the driver downloaded. Once you locate the folder, search for the driver file. Double-click the .exe driver file on the Windows PC. On Mac, double-click the .dmg file and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation.


The manual includes the basic Print, Copy, Scan and Fax operations. It also includes the safety precautions, legal limitations on using the printer and performing routine maintenance. The safety precautions in the manual help to use the printer safely. Select the icon given below to download the manual for the Canon printer.

Wireless connection Setup

Wireless Connection

WPS Connection

With this connection method, connect the network devices to a secure wireless network. After verifying that the router supports WPS connection, connect the Canon wireless printer to the home network.

Network settings

Set a unique IP address when connecting the printer to the wireless network. If the printer is connected to a network that is not secure, your personal information might be leaked to a third party.


Resetting the Canon printer to factory default settings can be useful when troubleshooting the printer. The setting not only clears the page buffer but also returns the print menu settings to factory defaults.

Google Printsetup Guide

  • Ensure you have an active Google Account to register the Canon printer with Google Cloud Print. Check if the printer is switched on and connected to the network.
  • After pressing the Home button, use the up/down arrow keys to display Set up and press the right function button to choose it. Use the left arrow key to select the Web Service Setup option and click OK.
  • Once Web service connection Setup, Google Cloud Print Setup and Register with Google Cloud Print options appear, click OK. When Register this printer with Google Cloud Print option displays, select the Yes option.
  • Select the preferred display language and click OK. Mount the paper into the tray and click OK to print the authentication page. If the page prints successfully, click Yes –> OK.
  • Enter the URL found in the printed authentication page in the address bar of the web browser. To register the printer with Cloud Print, use the Gmail username and password to log into the Google Account.

How do I print from my Apple device

  • To use AirPrint, make sure you have iPad or iPhone or iPod touch running the latest version of iOS. Connect the Apple device and the printer to the same wireless network.
  • Check if the printer is turned on and select the operation icon on your device to display the menu options. Click the Print option and choose the model of your printer.
  • To print 1 Copy, select + or – to set the number of copies to print. For two-sided printing, select either On to enable the feature or click Off to disable the function.
  • When printing a file type with multiple pages, such as a PDF file, click Range and select All Pages or choose the range of pages to be printed. Select the Print option.
  • If the document does not print, the printer may be switched off. If the printer is on, turn it off and turn it on again to check if the issue is resolved. If the issue continues, reach us on the Toll-free number.

Get Instant Support for Quick installtion

For quick Printer installation and support to resolve the printer issues, reach our experts on the Toll-free number.

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Ink catridge and Installation

Canon pixma tr7550 Ink catrdige installation
  • Do not touch the print head nozzles or electrical contacts on the cartridge as the printer may not print properly. After installing the cartridge, do not remove it from the printer and leave it outside for a long time as it may dry out soon.
  • Check if the printer is powered on and open the paper output tray. Raise the Scanning Unit (Cover) and hold it open with the Scanning Unit Support. Make sure there is no object on the Document Cover as it may fall into the Rear Tray and cause the Canon printer to malfunction.
  • Once you remove the new cartridge from its package, pull the orange protective tape from it. Do not shake the cartridge as the ink may start leaking. Handle the cartridge carefully and insert it into the cartridge holder.
  • Place the color cartridge in the slot on the left and the black cartridge in the slot on the right. Close the ink cartridge locking cover and check if the cover is closed correctly. Lift the Scanning Unit to set it back to the original position and shut the Scanning Unit.

Pixma Error Code

  • If the Support Code 1000 displays on the computer, it shows that the printer is out of paper or paper does not feed. The solution to fix this issue is to mount paper in the rear tray and align the paper guides with both edges of the paper when you load paper.
  • If the Support Code 1300 displays on the computer, it shows that the paper is jammed in the paper output slot or in the rear tray. Discard the jammed paper from the paper output slot and the rear tray. If you are unable to remove the paper, switch on the printer.
  • If the paper jams during printing and you have to power off the printer to remove it, press the Stop button before switching off the printer. If the paper tears and you cannot remove the jammed paper, remove it from inside the printer.
  • Load the paper again, press the Black or Color button on the printer so that the printer starts printing again. Reprint the page if it did not print well. When loading the paper again, make sure you use suitable paper and load it correctly.
  • If the Support Code 1470 displays on the system, it shows that the cartridge is not installed properly. Lift the scanning unit/cover and push the locking cover to check if the cartridges are installed correctly. Discard the label and the protective tape from the cartridge.

Canon Printer Troubleshooting

If there is an issue to get the Canon printer print properly or even turn on, you need not immediately resort to returning it or taking it to an electronics repair facility. Reset the printer, check if there are any loose connections and disconnect the power cables. There are numerous troubleshooting steps to get back the printer in operating condition quickly. The solutions for the common issues you may encounter when using the Canon Pixma TR7540 printer are given below.


  • Check if the power plug is securely connected to the printer and press the ON button to turn it on. Wait until the ON lamp stops flashing and proceed to the next step.
  • Sometimes, the printer may not be properly connected to the PC. If the printer is connected to the computer with a USB cable, check if the connections are secure.
  • Do not use a relay device such as a USB hub. Connect the printer directly to the PC, try printing again and check if printing starts normally. If it starts normally, it shows that there is an issue with the relay device.
  • Check if there are any unnecessary print jobs on the PC and delete them. Choose your printer model in the Print dialog box and proceed to the next step.
  • Select the Set as Default Printer option to set the printer as the default one. After configuring the printer port appropriately, proceed to the next step.
  • Once you select the Print Options on the Page Setup, set Prevention of Print Data Loss in the displayed dialog to the On position. Restart your system.


  • If No Paper Error occurs or the paper does not feed properly, check if the paper is loaded. When loading a stack of paper, tap the stack on a flat surface before loading the paper.
  • Check if the stack is within the paper load limit as in few cases, the paper does not feed properly at the maximum capacity. It varies based on the type of paper or environmental conditions.
  • In this instance, reduce the amount of paper you load at a time to less than half of the paper load limit. Insert the paper with the print side facing up in the portrait orientation.
  • Adjust the paper guides to fit the paper. To print on envelopes, prepare the envelopes, load them in the portrait orientation and proceed to the next step.
  • Check if the media type and paper size settings are the same as the loaded paper. If there are foreign objects in the rear tray, power off the printer, disconnect it and remove the foreign object.
  • Use a clean, lint-free cloth to wipe the paper feed rollers. If the preceding solutions do not resolve the issue, service the printer. For any support, dial the Toll-free number.

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