Canon PIXMA TR8550 Printer



Boost productivity with the Canon Pixma TR8550 4-in-One premium ink printer that can print, scan, copy and fax. Wi-fi, Ethernet and SD card connections along with a touch control panel. This printer has many features like AirPrint, Google Cloud Print and several other features that provide you hassle-free printing. Connect your printer with your wireless device and print from anywhere.

  • Auto-two sided printing
  • 5 single premium inks
  • Cloud Printing with Pixma
  • Mobile connectivity
  • Memory card supported
  • Touch screen panel


Driver Download

The software drivers required for your Pixma TR8550 can be downloaded from our website. The file size for the drivers varies according to your OS. Since the your printer also supports Airprint, you can download the drivers required for a Mac OS device that supports Airprint. Optional drivers are also available like the XPS printer driver which enables more smooth gradation printing with 16-bits per color printing(bpc) technology. If you find any issues in downloading or installing the drivers software, you can call our toll-free number where our technical experts will come up with a solution for your device.

Driver Download

Drivers are required to run your printer efficiently. These drivers establish a setup between your computer and the printer. You can download the latest version of the drivers from our website. Click on the Driver button with a driver icon to download. Install the drivers to start using the printer.


If you are getting started with your printer, you need to know how to operate your device well enough. If you are new to this printer, then you can refer the user manual on how to operate the machine. Download the manual from our website to learn and operate the device yourself.

Wireless connection Setup

Wireless Connection

WPS Connection

Press the Home button. Swipe to the left and then tap wireless LAN Setup icon. The blue lamp lights up. Press down the WPS button for 5 seconds and then connect to theb access point.

Network settings

These settings can be changed manually whenever you want to connect to a different network. When you want another wireless device to be connected in Direct Connection Mode, then the existing connection will be disabled.


Go to the Home menu or press the Home button. Select Setup button. Then tap Device Settings and press OK. Select Reset Settings. Once there, you can access the options to reset the whole settings.

Google Printsetup Guide

  • The Pixma TR8550 can be connected to Google’s Cloud storage network. So we can use Google’s Chrome browser to connect from any chrome device to the printer.
  • Start the Google Chrome browser on your computer. Select Sign in to Chrome from the Chrome Menu. Log in to your Google account. If you don’t have a Google account, you can create a new account instantly.
  • Select the Settings option from the Chrome Menu. Then choose Show advanced settings to display information.
  • Select Google Cloud Print and then click Manage. When the Add printers button is displayed, select your printer from the list. When the confirmation message for registering printer appears, select OK.
  • The register confirmation screen will be displayed on printer’s LCD. Now select Yes and press the OK button. The printer registration is complete.

How do I print from my Apple device

  • First download the Canon PRINT app on your Apple device. In the printer, tap the Home button. Select LAN settings on the screen. Select Wireless LAN Setup.Then tap Cableless setup. Select OK.
  • Now on your Apple device, go to settings and select the network with Canon_ij_ which has the last 5 digits of the printer’s serial number.
  • Now in the main screen, tap the Canon Print app. Now tap the +(plus) icon which is present on the upper left corner of your screen and select Register printer. Then select Printer setup.
  • Choose Connect via wireless router and tap OK. Select the name of your wireless network from the list of networks available.
  • Enter the network’s password and choose OK. Now you can start printing from your Apple device wirelessly Now your Apple device is connected to start printing.

Ink catridge and Installation

CANON PIXMA TR8550 ink catridge
  • An ink cartridge is a component of a printer that contains the ink which is deposited over a paper during printing. An ink cartridge consists of one or more ink reservoirs.
  • In Canon Pixma TR8550, usage of high quality-genuine ink gives you the best print quality. Installing an ink cartridge into the printer is not a difficult task. Turn on your device. Lift the cartridge access door. This will move the cartridge to its replacement location.
  • Select the expended cartridge. Push the tab of the empty cartridge and pull upwards. Now take the new cartridge out for installation. Slide the new ink cartridge in a diagonal manner.
  • Make sure that the front end is inserted first. Check whether it is perfectly fitted into the tab of the replacement area. After successfully installing the new ink cartridge, you can now close the back panel. Check by performing a test print if necessary.

Pixma Error Code

  • An error code is an error which appears while printing or even while the printer is trying to connect a device. These support codes have almost all kinds of problems in them. Network communication problem can be frequent in case of inactive internet connection or router problems.
  • There can be several issues popping up while installing the printer or printing a document or some other. Most commonly we come across issues related with connecting the printer to your smartphone or a computer. WLAN problems are common in many cases.
  • Power related problems like the power does not turn on or the printer shuts by itself or paper jam problems are more common. Sometimes a damaged paper might cause a paper jam, which the user might not be able to trace the problem. Check the adapter connection from the power outlet.
  • A major problem which occurs for most of the users is, slow printing. This can be caused due to various reasons like queuing multiple documents at a same time or the network coverage can be weak between the mobile and the printer. There can be some errors while performing automatic duplex printing.

Canon Printer Troubleshooting

Printer issues are common among all the printers. So we are here to find solutions for you. If you face any problems on paper jams, ink problems, cartridge installation, paper feed, disc label printing, duplex printing, connecting to a mobile or Apple device or any other printed-related issues, you can call us on our toll-free number. Our technical experts will answer and direct you through the process. Our toll-free number is mentioned in this page.


  • If the printing doesn’t start even after the power button is turned ON, then make sure that your printer’s connection is firmly plugged in. Always start your print only after the power lamp stops flashing and remains lit.
  • Printing may also take a while to start when you print large data or photos or graphical images. The power lamp flashes when the computer is processing the data to be sent to the printer.
  • Paper jams can occur sometimes when you insert paper with damaged or folded edges. It can happen even when the printer gets stuck and stops rolling in the paper.
  • In such cases, remove the jammed paper slowly with both hands. Tap the OK button on your printer. Try to reprint the page you were printing with a fresh paper.
  • Ink problems occur when your cartridge has run out of ink. Check the ink levels and replace the ink cartridges with genuine HP cartridges.


  • Connecting the printer to any of your supported mobile devices can be a major hindrance to some users. In this case, check your local area
  • network and set your router range settings.
  • The device should always be within the range of your router to offer better connectivity.
  • If you are using a wi-fi connection to take a print out, make sure that both the mobile devices and the printer are in close proximity.
  • When you are not around your printer, then you can use the Google Cloud Print from your Android phone or the Airprint feature from your Mac device.
  • Updating the drivers can be an issue to many users. The printer cannot respond properly when the drivers are not installed or when not updated regularly. There are several drivers for all parts of the printer.
  • Sometimes your scanner might have a problem when you have not updated the My Image Garden driver for Windows or the IJ Scan Utility for Mac OS.

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