HP Printer Support

Mac Support

Download and run the setup file for MG3620 which is in the format of .dmg. The user will be notified with many warning messages. Click on ‘Always Allow’ option and proceed further. The setup file will install a new helper tool after the user enters the password. There are two methods for connecting the printer with the Mac – Wireless & Wired.

Mac support
  • Wireless Connection : Press and hold the Wi-Fi button on the printer. Connect the printer to the network. Click ‘Cable less’ setup option. A list of software will be displayed that are to be downloaded and installed.
  • Now, click on the ‘Add Printer’ option and choose the appropriate printer from the list shown. Check the alignment of the printer. The user can register the details of the printer in order to be benefited by Canon.
  • Wired Connection : Connect the printer and the computer using the USB cable. Once the printer is detected, the System starts searching the access points and once the access point is found, the connection is established.

Window Support

  • Download and extract the setup file for MG3620 which is in the format of .exe. Once the extraction is finished, initialize the setup by entering the user information. There are two methods of connection – Wireless & Wired.
  • Wireless LAN Connection : Connect the computer and the printer via wireless router. The network will automatically detect the printer. Once the printer name or number is displayed click on it and finish the installation.
  • Wired Connection : If there is no LAN facility, connect the printer and the computer using a USB cable. Click on the ‘Useful Software’ option to install manuals. Finally, by agreeing to the T&C, the printer will be installed successfully.
smart phone support

Smart Phone Support

  • Canon Print Ink-jet / SELPHY is an android application used to print documents or images from a smartphone. Download the application. Tap the ‘Register Printer’ option at upper left of the screen.
  • Wireless LAN Setup : Establish a connection between the printer and the smart phone by connecting them to a wireless router. After building the connection, tap on ‘Auto Select Connection Method’.
  • Print using the application : Click the ‘Select Images’ option. Choose the image you want to print and configure the settings. Tap ‘Print’. The printer starts printing. The app supports android version 4.4.2 or later.


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