Wireless connection Setup

Canon Pixma MG2922 printer is compatible with the wireless connectivity feature. The connection can be established either using a router or connecting it straight to the Wi-Fi Direct connection feature. Use the network name and password to connect the printer to a wireless network. Keep a note as they are case-sensitive. By following the steps below to connect the printer successfully to a network. If you have any queries regarding the connection setup, call our toll-free number.

Wireless (Wi-Fi) Connection Setup

  • Switch on the printer by pressing the Power button. On the control panel of the Canon Pixma MG2922 printer, click the Home Screen option. On the screen, select the Setup option.
  • Locate the Settings option on the Setup page. After selecting the Settings option, locate the Device Settings option. Select the LAN settings option for connection.
  • From the list of available options, select the Wireless Direct option. Enable it. Choose the network name, security password, security settings and printer’s name from the list.
  • All these above information is required while connecting the printer to a network. After a while, activate the Wi-Fi option on the device and choose the printer’s name from it.
  • Type the password on its tab to connect the printer. If the password is weak, it is suggested to type a password using the alphanumeric characters. After creating a strong password, move to the next step.
  • Examine if the printer is connected to a wireless network and try to print a network test page to examine if the printer is in proper working condition.For more information, call our toll-free number.

WPS Connection Method

  • While connecting the printer to a WPS connection method, use a WPS button with a physical PUSH button feature or use a WPA or WPA2 security with needs a password for an easy process.
  • On the touchscreen control panel, select the Home Printer option. Use the navigation arrows and keys, move to the WLAN setup. Navigate to the left function. Examine if the connection is enabled.
  • If yes, examine if the wireless light is stable. Wait till the printer scans the available networks in the surroundings that is compatible with the Wi-Fi networks. Choose your network from the list.
  • On the WPS device, press and hold the WPS button for at least 5 seconds. Wait for a while and then press OK. This permits the printer to connect to a wireless network successfully.
  • After connecting, select the Finish option to complete the process. Examine if the settings are proper. If there are any changes in the network settings, it leads to the connection issues.
  • After performing all the above steps, install the printer driver and software for your printer. Download and install the printer driver and software from this website. After that, try to print a test page.

Network settings confirmation

After establishing a network connection for Canon Pixma MG2922 printer, examine the network settings to examine if the connection status. To know it, print the current network settings and examine it. Switch on the printer by pressing the Power button. Insert sufficient paper into the input tray. On the control panel of the printer, select the Network Status icon. Click the Yes option and select the Print details option. Press the Yes option again. The printer prints the complete information of the network settings. If the network status is connected, it indicates that the network is connected successfully. If the network status is not connected, do the connection process again.


Standard connection method Windows

  • Download the setup file for Canon Pixma MG2922 printer from this website. Click the link provided. Wait till the download process completes. Locate the setup file in the connected system.
  • Double-click on it to open the Installation Setup Wizard. By following the instructions mentioned on the screen, complete the steps. Choose the mode of connection as Wireless.
  • This helps to connect the printer via a router. Switch on the printer and try connecting it to a network. After successful connection, install the compatible drivers. Print a test page.
  • Select the Finish option to complete the process. If you wish to choose the SUB connection, select the connection type as USB. Plug in the USB cable when prompted and complete the process.

Standard connection method Mac

  • Download and install the setup file for Canon Pixma MG 2922 printer from this website. Depending on the instructions mentioned on the screen, displays the setup wizard.
  • Select the mode of connection as Wireless LAN. After selecting, connect the printer to a router. Fix the network settings based on the connection process.After setting, turn on the printer.
  • After connecting, install the compatible driver that is downloaded. Follow the instructions mentioned in the Setup Wizard to complete the process. Select Finish.
  • If you intend to establish a USB connection, connect one end of the cable to the printer and other end to the available port on the router. This established the connection.
Mac support

Restoring your printer’s

Make use of the control panel of the printer to reset all settings of the printer. It restores the settings to its default one. Choose whether you intend to store only web service settings, LAN settings, telephone numbers, services, device information settings or other scan settings. Else, restore all default factory settings. After restoring the settings, set up the printer again to do the printing process. If you have any doubts or issues regarding the factory settings, feel free to call our customer support team at the toll-free number.


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