Wireless connection Setup

Canon Pixma MG3220 printer can be connected to a network using a wireless connection. Connect the system and printer to the same wireless connection. Move the printer and router close to each other for maximum signal coverage. Use a unique network name to avoid the confusion with the surrounding networks. Ensure that the password created is strong enough . Multiple devices connected to the router slows down the printing process. So, connect one device at a time.

Wireless (Wi-Fi) Connection Setup

  • Switch on the printer by pressing the Power button. Press and hold the Wi-Fi button until the alarm light flickers. Wait till the printer scans and connects to the network.
  • If unable to connect to the network automatically, type the network name on its tab. Deactivate the wireless connection for a while and reconnect it to establish the connection.
  • If more than one network devices are available, disconnect those devices as it creates confusion. After the printer is connected to a router, the printer’s name displays Network Printer.
  • Connect the printer and system to the same network. Do not keep any metal objects near the router. Add the printer’s name to the list of installed devices by clicking the Add a Printer option.
  • Wait till the printer’s name displays on the screen. Choose and select it. Press the OK button to confirm the choice. Now, the printer’s name is added to the list.
  • If the printer’s name is not listed, select My printer is not listed. Type the name and click it to add. If there is an issue with the connection, call our toll-free number.

WPS Connection Method

  • Check if the router has WPS switch. The access point uses WPS or WPA2 protocol. If this method is unavailable or incompatible with the printer, move to the Standard connection method.
  • Turn on the printer. Press and hold the Wi-Fi button. Wait till the LED flashlight turns blue indicating the Wi-Fi connection is turned on. If the connection is not established, do the process again.
  • Press the WPS button located on the router. This Wi-Fi scans the available networks and connects to the network that has strong signal strength. Continuous flashing of light indicates the connection is to be established.
  • Type the password and click the Always remember option. This establishes the network connection. This allows accessing the administrator account in future. It is not required to type the password when trying to print.
  • When the connection is established, the blue light on the router remains stable. If you want to connect to a mobile phone, download and install the Canon Android application.
  • Examine if the installation is done properly. Adjust the wireless settings and establish the connection. If you have any issue with the connection process, call our toll-free number.

Network settings confirmation

After connecting the printer to a wired or wireless network, examine the network status by printing the network test page. Switch on the printer. Insert plain paper into the input tray. Press and Hold the Resume/Hold button until the alarm light flashes 17 times. Release the button after alarm light flashes. Wait till the printer prints a network information page. The page contains the details regarding the status of connection-active or inactive, IP address and network name. If the network connection is inactive, reconnect the printer to the network. This establishes the wireless connection to the printer. If you have any doubt , call our toll-free number.


Standard connection method Windows

  • Place the installation CD on the system’s CD drive. During the installation, ensure that the connection is not interrupted. Click the setup file to install. Follow the instructions to complete it.
  • If the CD is unavailable, download the compatible driver from this website. The driver should be compatible with the printer model and operating system’s version.
  • Click and run the setup file. Wait till the screen pops up for installing the Helper tool. Enter the password and click the Install Helper option. Follow the instructions to complete it.
  • Choose the mode of connection as wired or Wireless based on the printer’s specifications. Switch on the printer. Select the Connect to Network option and click Finish.

Standard connection method Mac

  • Switch on the printer and connect the Mac system to the printer with the help of a USB cable. Once the system is turned on, the driver is automatically installed.
  • Select the Apple menu. Click System Preferences-> Printers and Scanner. Examine if the printer’s name is displayed. If not, click Add a Printer and wait till the name displays.
  • If the driver is not installed, click the Driver Download option for the Mac system. Choose the printer model and operating system’s version. Download the appropriate driver.
  • The setup file should be in the .dmg format. Run the setup file. By following the instructions mentioned on the screen complete the installation.
Mac support

Restoring your printer’s

Restoring the printer’s settings is to change the current settings to default. When restoring is done, it indicates the use of a new device. Press and hold the Power button till the alarm light flashes 17 times. Release the button. This implies that the factory reset is performed. Wait for a while for the printer to reboot. The printer is now set to its default settings. Restoring can be done when there is an issue during the printing process or any changes in the network settings or access points.


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