Wireless connection Setup

In a simple step by step procedure, the complete wireless connection setup is elaborated. Here you can find different methods to connect your Canon Pixma MG5721 printer on a wireless connection. In order to connect your printer to a wireless connection, you can use the WPS method. The wireless connection setup can be completed by following the below instructions. You can contact our experts if you need any assistance with wireless connection setup. To contact us, call at the Toll-Free number that is available on the displayed page.

Wireless (Wi-Fi) Connection Setup

  • Using the WPS method you can easily connect your Canon Pixma MG5721 printer on a wireless connection. The WPS is also known as Wi-Fi protected setup.
  • Some access points are featured within this automatic connection button(WPS). You do not need to enter a password, using this feature you can connect the permitted devices to your password.
  • Your devices can be easily and quickly connected using this method. There are two ways in which you can connect your devices over a wireless connection using this WPS method.
  • The two methods are Push button and PIN. Using the first method (Pushbutton) you can easily connect your device to a wireless connection.
  • If the WPS is not supported by your router, the standard connection method can be used to establish a wireless connection for your Canon Pixma MG5721 printer.
  • Both the standard method and the WPS method are elaborated in a simple manner. You can call at the Toll-Free number to establish a wireless connection for your printer.

WPS Connection Method

  • You are required to meet some conditions in order to use the WPS pushbutton method. A physical WPS push button should be there for the access point.
  • Your network should use the WPA or WPA2 security protocol. If you have used the WEP security method, then the WPS method cannot be used to connect the most WPS enabled access points.
  • Check if your printer is in range of the wireless router. Ensure you can press the WPS button. Press and hold the Wireless button on the printer and leave it once the Wireless lamp flashes.
  • Choose the Colour button. The Wireless button should be pressed until the Direct lamp lights up. Tap on the Colour button, and confirm that the ON lamp and the Wireless lamp is flashing.
  • Within 2 minutes, you should press the WPS button on the wireless router. On the printer, the blue Wi-Fi lamp flashes. The power lamps and the Wi-Fi will also flash.
  • Once your printer is established on the wireless network, the power and Wi-Fi lamps stop flashing. If you are facing any issue in WPS connection, call us at the Toll-Free number.

Network settings confirmation

If you want to know whether your printer is connected to your wireless network, then you need to print out the network settings of your printer. To print the network settings, power on your printer and insert plain paper of a size A4 or Letter-sized. Press and hold the Wi-Fi button and release it once the Wi-Fi lamp starts to flash. Tap the Colour button and then tap the Wi-Fi button twice. Click on the Colour or Black button. The network information page gets printed. In the network information page, check if the SSID -Service Set Identifier indicates the correct name of your wireless network and that the Connection indicates Active.


Standard connection method Windows

  • Double-click the .exe file that is downloaded and tap Start Setup. The software checks if there are any updates for the driver and software. Select your Country and Region and click Next.
  • Read and tap Yes to accept the terms of the license agreement. Take part in the extended survey program by clicking on Agree. Enable the option Deactivate the block and tap on Next.
  • Tap Wireless LAN Connection, tap Next -> Next. Select your printer from the list, if it is already connected to your network. Tap Next. The driver software for your printer will install and register.
  • Align the printhead and tap Next. Then tap Execute → Next. The setup gets complete. Tap Exit to complete the installation. Call the Toll-Free number and get our experts help if you need any guidance.

Standard connection method Mac

  • Double-click .dmg file that is downloaded. Double-click Setup. In order to install the Helper Tool, tap Open and type your Password. Tap Install Helper → Start Setup.
  • After selecting your region and country, tap Next. Tapping on Yes, you accept the terms of the license agreement. Tap Agree and take part in the extended survey program.
  • If you have connected your printer to your wireless network, then tap Yes. Tap Add Printer and then tap Canon MG3000 series Bonjour Multifunction, click Add → Next.
  • Tap Next → Start → Print → Next after you align the print head. Then the setup finishes. Tap Exit and the installation gets complete. For any query, call at the Toll-Free number.
Mac support

Restoring your printer’s

The network settings of your printer can be easily restored to factory default. During the initialization, all the network settings of the printer will get deleted, so performing a print or scan from a computer over the network becomes impossible unless you re-configure your printer with new network settings. Your network settings can be reset back to factory default. For resetting, press and hold the RESUME/CANCEL button, and release it after the ALARM lamp flashes for 19 times. Once you release the button, the network settings gets reset back to factory default settings. Call us at the Toll-Free number if you need any support.


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