Wireless connection Setup

Connect your printer to the network in two major methods. The first method, connect the printer using the wireless router for enabling the network connection. The second method, connect the printer using Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) method by entering the password. But, these two methods cannot be used simultaneously. Follow the instructions given below for the network connection. Don’t connect the wireless device by a different method, or else you may lose the connection. Connect using a USB cable for temporary wireless connection to avoid bad communication between the printer and the computer.

Wireless (Wi-Fi) Connection Setup

  • Switch on your PIXMA TR8520 and turn on the wireless router. The Canon printer searches for a nearby wireless network. This connection method may vary depending on the router type.
  • Few acess points contain a feature called WPS that has an automatic connection button. This admits the PIXMA TR8520 to enable the network connection without the password.
  • The wireless network connection method is the easiest and quickest way to connect the printer. Select the network settings and enable the printer to connect without a password.
  • When the connection is finished the Wi-Fi icon displays on the control panel. This reassures the connection between the printer and the computer. Thus the Wi-Fi connection is enabled.
  • To run the setup program insert the CD into the CD-ROM. Set your own preferences and select Next button to confirm your settings. Complete the installation process by selecting Easy Install.
  • Follow the instructions that appear on the screen and enable the wireless Wi-Fi connection setup. If there is no connection between the peripherals, kindly contact our support team.

WPS Connection Method

  • Connect the printer to the wireless network using the Wi-Fi router that has physical WPS button. This router uses the network either by WPA or WPA2 security for WPS connection.
  • On your printer, press the Home button and make use of arrow keys to scroll in the LCD screen and select WLAN setup icon. To activate the wireless connection, press the left function button.
  • The Wi-Fi lamp on the printer starts to blink and the Canon printer searches for the network access that supports WPS. Press and hold the WPS button for at least 5 seconds and then release.
  • Wait for 2 minutes and press OK to complete the connection. When the connection is finished, press OK to finish the setup process by WPS connection method.
  • Download the printer software or driver for Canon PIXMA TR8520 on your system. After the WPS connection is activated, select PIN and follow as per instructions on the screen.
  • If you don’t have the installation CD that came with the product, download the software from our website. If you see the connection still fails, contact our team for further assistance.

Network settings confirmation

Confirm the network settings for your Canon PIXMA 8520 by taking the print out of the network settings from the Canon printer. Make sure that the printer is turned ON. Load a stack of A4- or letter-sized plain paper. Select Resume/Cancel button and hold until the alarm lamp flashes for about 15 times and then release the button. This action lets the printer to print the network information page. Refer the print out under the “Connection” category that indicates “Active”. Verify the name of the wireless network in the SSID (Service Set Identifier). The WPS setup is now confirmed. Proceed with the software installation for your printer using the CD or download it from our website.


Standard connection method Windows

  • On your printer, press the Home button. Use arrow keys for controls on the LCD screen and select WLAN setup icon. Click the left function button to activate the wireless connection.
  • The Wi-Fi lamp flashes on the Canon PIXMA TR8520 printer and searches for network availability that supports WPS. Press Stop/Reset button to click the Standard Setup icon.
  • Press OK to begin the Standard Setup process. The Canon printer searches for a nearby wireless network. Make use of the navigation arrows to click your network name as an access point.
  • Follow as per instructions that display on the screen to activate the wireless connection setup process. Select Yes to agree to the license agreement and select Complete after you enter the model name.

Standard connection method Mac

  • For Mac computers, select the model name of your printer from our website for downloading the manual as well as software for the Canon printer. Click Next and enter the password.
  • This installs the Helper Tool and click that icon. Select Next button to open a screen that prompts you to choose USB or Wireless Connection. Choose Wireless Connection.
  • Make sure whether the printer is turned on and power lamp flashes. Click Next button and select the option Connect to Network and the Cabless Setup. Now press and hold the Wi-Fi button.
  • Select your own preferences and click Canon IJ version. Now select Add button and click Allow for enabling the access. Select Next to finish the setup process.
Mac support

Restoring your printer’s

Follow the instructions explained here to reset the printer’s settings back to the default. This process deletes all the settings that you have selected. Press the Home button and use the arrow keys to go to Setup icon. Click the right side function button and utilize left arrow to select the Device Settings and press OK. Use the up navigation arrow key to access the LAN settings and click OK. Click Yes and use the down navigation arrow key to reset the network settings and again press OK. The printer’s WLAN settings is now restored. You will receive a message as “Processing… Please wait momentarily”. Click OK to complete restoring of printer’s settings.


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